Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 03/21/2010)

Question: Please try to think about a competition where you would definitely take the gold medal.

How much you love strawberries?? The gold would definitely be mine!!!

Gaki-sanThe best eyesight championship↑

EririnIf there was an event in being late when submitting questionnaires and other writings... 
Sorry (laughs)

SayuminCuteness ☆ Hopefully you're all satisfied with that answer, right? 

Tanaka-san: How long you can spend inside Don Quijote, 

or something...??? (-○3○)ノ

MittsiA no-facial-expression competition?! I could probably win that!!! (laughs)

JunjunA spoiled child competition. 

Ihihi (->ω<-) (laughs)

LinlinA Chinese language competition!!! Hahaha

So, Ai-chan's a strawberry lover?! Gaki really have the best eyesight ever. Eririn's sometimes late of something, so she may win the competition about it. Sayumi's sure is cute, she'll be one of the champions. Reina's really into shopping, isn't she? Mittsi's a different one, no-facial-expression, I already witness that kind of a face. I never thought Junjun's a spoiled child? >.< Well, since linlin's from china and is a Chinese person, she'll really win that.


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