Friday, November 12, 2010

C-ute "Dance de Bakoon" 2s & 3s mixed version

Well, I just watched the 2s & 3s mixed version of C-ute's 13th single "Dance de Bakoon". It really made me smile starting at the beginning 'til the last part. They're really had fun taking this part. They can do anything, do some funny faces, and dance around, which interprets the single more about dancing.

The group was divided into two groups, one that has only two which consists of Airi and Maimi, and the other group consisting of Maimai, Nakky, and Chisa. The group of Nakky's was so much fun than the group of Maimi's. Well, they're all fun, but the most part I'm having fun of watching was the part of Nakky, Maimai, and Chisa.

I really love how Maimai looks in this PV, her hairstyle, cuteness, and how she smiles every time. Maimai is my most favorite member C-ute, so that made me happy seeing her that happy. Her cute funny weird faces she made really are cute and weird.*LAUGH*. Anyway, I really love how they made this version fun.

As expected, their 13th single turned to be one of my favorite, since it's the 13th, and my favorite number is 13, it'll really be my favorite. Does that really matters??? oh, well.. Dance de Bakoon is really great.

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  1. haha ya it is funny and cute haha i love all of them they are awsome haha chisato is so funny haha this is awsome