Friday, February 3, 2017

"Reaching the Dream" Tribute to °C-ute [TRIBUTE PLAN]

Good news! We are extending the deadline for the project! So for those who was not yet able to submit your photo/video, you can still join until APRIL 13, 2017 - 23:59 JST!


Are you a fan of C-ute
Do you want to be with Team C-ute?
It is now time to show our greatest love for C-ute before their disbandment!

Few months ago, C-ute announced the most heartbreaking news any C-ute fan can hear, their disbandment on this coming June 12, 2017.

Some of us might have seen them in person, and some never had the chance to atleast attend an event, buy/own a merch or anything. Even with those things, we still want to show our love and support to our favorite idol group.

So we will call this project "Reaching the Dream" as we were able to witness C-ute reaching their dreams for how many years. We were able to see them develop their skills and become the perfect idol group anyone can imagine. Many of us admired them so much and now that they are 1 step closer to their greatest dream, let us all celebrate by dedicating this tribute project to them!

Now, we are going to announce the planned tribute project for our beloved C-ute! So we will be compiling photos/videos from all of you into one video. As for the song that we will use, it will be GAMUSHA LIFE and TO TOMORROW. We will then send it to C-ute (via blog/facebook/twitter, etc.) hoping that they'll be able to see it before their last concert. We are going to submit it to J-Melo too!

1. Take a photo of yourself doing the °C-ute pose. You will make a °C sign with the use of your hands.
You can do it with your friends too!

2. Take a photo of yourself while holding a paper, banner or anything where you can write a message you want to tell C-ute. 

3. Record yourself while saying "PROUD TO BE TEAM C-UTE"

4. If you do song covers, feel free to message us so that we will be able to discuss about it. (and if you are a group, that would be awesome too!)

  • If you decided to submit a photo, we recommend to take it in landscape mode
  • You can do it with your friends too!
  • If you want to that were mentioned above, feel free to do so!
  • If you own any C-ute merchandise, you can include it in your photo
  • If you also own a Team C-ute shirt, you can wear it!
  • DEADLINE: April 13, 2017 (23:59 JST)
  • Send it to
    • Subject: Team C-ute Tribute
    • Write in the message the following:
      • Name
      • Country
  • We will send a reply once we received your email within 24 hours from your submission. If you didn't receive any reply, please send it again. 
If you have any inquiries about the tribute, message us in the Hello!Project Fanpage

Here's a video about the tribute. Don't forget to join and share this news to your fellow Team C-ute!

We will give you updates from time to time, so stay tuned!

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