Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Miyamoto Karin in Momusu'15? uhhh..

It's been a trend of issue here in the H!P netizens world about having Karin from Juice=Juice as a sub for Suzuki Kanon for MM'15 new MVs due to an injury.

At first, I didn't mind because, yeah, Ishida Ayumi did the substitution for Karin during their Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete yo MV but only for the dance shot, which doesn't really affect the screentime of Karin herself. Now that a teaser of both MVs were aired during the Hello!Station episode last week, different reactions from fans blasted in the internet, that it was unfair blah blah blah and the worst thing is, not a single shadow of Kanon was shown.

It did gave me a bitter reaction too. First, this single is the DEBUT SINGLE of the 12th generation, second, Karin is not a Momusu member. So why did they gave her a close up? I wouldn't react this much, but, seriously? Two MVs with Kanon missing and Karin on it? Are they trying to transfer Karin to MM from J=J? Because they seem to actually giving a hint about it. (-____________-)

It would be fine for me if Kanon is not in the MVs, as long as Karin didn't have close ups. I would rather accept the MVs lacking a member's closeup than seeing a non-member with closeups. LoLz Like seriously? Having Karin in 2 MVs are more than enough, why did the management gave her the closeups? Can they just give Karin's screentime to the 12th gen? because actually, they're the real highlights in this single. IT'S THEIR DEBUT SINGLE!!

BTW, Yuugare wa Ameagari MV is so beautiful that made Morning Musume look like angels singing and dancing. But Karin or THE MANAGEMENT (no offense!) ruined it because of giving her a closeup and they even gave her a closeup together with the 12th gen members at the first part of the MV (that look like giving an introductory part of the new members), and did I see a Harunan closeup? Yep but just for 2 times only, and how many Karin closeups? like more than 10 times.

I'm not doing any violent reactions here, but I'm sharing this because as far as we experience things in the H!P world, this might be the worst situation of H!P inequality. If I'm the CEO of the Up-Front Agency, I might already fired the one who edited this MV hahaha
The last time I felt this type of disappointment was during the period of C-ute's Shock (atleast there's members' screentime equality)

I'm not a big fan of Kanon, and I am not a hater of Karin, I both adore them EQUALLY. I don't really blame Karin for this fiasco, it's the management! or the one who directed it. How bad is Kanon's injury that they decided to give Karin a closeup? Kanon even bothered to announce that Karin will take her place as a sub for the MVs. Oh! I bet Karin got more screentime than Kanon's in every MM PVs.

I hope this would be the first and last H!P inequality fiasco because it really caused the fans to feel disappointed especially since it's the first exposure of the new MM'15 and it might even affect the sales later on. Anyways, cheer up everyone! Let's just hope that it'll not happen again (^_^)

To those who haven't watch the full PV, click the following links:
Yuugare wa Ameagari
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  1. I have the exact same opinion!
    I was so irritated when they showed the new members at the beginning and then Karin, like wtf?
    They shoud have given the sscreen time to memebers who are usually in the back !
    And I really don't think that they would've given Zukki all of the screen time Karin got...

  2. I completely agree, I'm not against Karin being in the video, obviously they needed someone to fill in so that their formations during the dance were correct. But it was silly of them to give her any screen time that wasn't dancing, especially when they gave her SO MUCH screen time. With the 12th gen having just joined I want to get to know their faces better, and all I saw was Karin. I noticed that 'introductory' bit you mentioned too. What was with that? Hrrrmmm.

    1. And on that note, surely they could have thrown some close ups of Kanon in there even if she wasn't dancing?

    2. Yeah, I can only agree. We had something like that happen with MM's Heiwa and Renai Hunter when Aika was out of comission due to injury. She didn't dance, but she was part of all close-ups.

      I was expecting somthing similiar in these MVs, but got disappointed. Even Ayumi didn't get to have close-up's in J=J if I remember right. THat's how it should be. She or whoever will substitute next, is just a substitute and should replace another member.