Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sugaya Risako goes Frozen with "Let it Go" at M!COUNTDOWN

Berryz Kobou's Sugaya Risako sang "Let it Go" in Japanese and English Version along side 4 Korean artists (2PM member, Nichkhun played the piano)
Berryz Kobou also had a performance with "Asian Celebration and Otona na no yo".

Here's the performance of "Let it go"

This is like a dream come true.. LOL.. I also wished someone from H!P would sing this song, and glad that one of them did! I'm happy for Risako.. And I'm a happy frozen fan XD!!! I wish Airi will sing this too!

Which girl from H!P would you like  to do a cover for "Let it Go"?

Meanwhile, Berryz is the only Jpop group in the said event "m! Countdown No. 1 Artist of Spring 2014". The photo was from a fan in twitter, obviously, BK was not the subject of her photo, the girls are from the back wearing gold outfits.

Some non-BK fans posted in twitter, praising BK fans on how supportive they are with BK, they also handed out some BK CDs to help spread BK love to non-fans. 

Here are some translated tweets I got from H!O

  • Berryz Koubou's fans were really amazing!! They remember all the dance moves and without realising, I was clapping to them for dancing with all their energy with penlights in both hands. Even if they are alone, in the standing area right at the back, or being watched by others around them they don't care and support Berryz with all their might. *applause*
  • Even if the Berryz Koubou fans didn't know the kpop song, they really got into it and had fun. So amazing. Their penlight techniques were also amazing!!!
  • After (the concert)、Berryz fans were handing out CDs saying, "Take one if you want. We bought large quantities so we could high five the members lots so if you want one you can take it"


  1. Thanks for the translation!

    And I would love to hear Risako singing, but there is no video?

    1. I will fix that.. I don't kow why it didn't appear