Monday, December 16, 2013

Morning Musume wins BJMA2013 Active Artist of The Year

Congratulations to Morning Musume! They deserve all the good things that has come their way especially this year and it is only proper that they get recognized for all the hardwork they've put on their performances.
Omedetou for bringing home an award from Billboard Japan Music Awards 2013. Wishing for more awards to come!!!

List of other awards and winners

<Artist of the Year 2013 / 最優秀アーティスト賞>

<Top Pop Artist 2013 / 優秀ポップアーティスト賞>
AKB48 / 嵐 / きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ / EXILE / B’z

<Active Artist of the Year 2013 presented by Daiwa House>

<Jazz Artist of the Year 2013 / 優秀ジャズアーティスト賞>

<Classical Artist of the Year 2013 / 優秀クラシックアーティスト賞>
大友直人, 東京交響楽団

<Independent Artist of the Year 2013 / 優秀インディーズアーティスト賞>

<Animation Artist of the Year 2013/ 優秀アニメソングアーティスト賞>
Linked Horizon

<New Artist of the Year 2013 / 新人賞>
ケラケラ 「スターラブレイション」

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