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Hello!Project 2013 Review + Rankings!

Today, I'll be ranking Hello!Project releases for this year's 2013!
I'll be ranking their outfits, songs, and MVs. I'll first rank each category from every group and will end with the whole H!P.

This will be my first time to make a post of my H!P rankings, so it really took time to finish it. Since new year is nearly approaching, it's expected to be very busy, busy, busy. :)

Just to let everyone know, all that you can read in this post are all of my opinions. You guys can skip the review part if you get bored reading my 'maybe-not-so-interesting' reviews of each single, but who knows? You might enjoy some parts of it. LOL xD

OKAY! Firstly, let's review all their singles that were released. (I will only focus on the singles released this year by the major groups. So minor units will not be included. SORRY!)

Morning Musume
In this year, Morning Musume released 3 singles with 5 A-sides in total. They were:
Help Me!
Help Me was released last January 23 and is also known as 11th Gen member Oda Sakura's debut single. Many expectations flooded the social world as this single got announced. This release is their first single to debut #1 (since 5th gen debuted) and also their #1 weekly single for almost 3 years and 8 months.


This single's outfit has a unique pattern of leopard print with a hot pink skirt frills. Each member got different styles of their outfit and they all looked 'stunningly' weird at first glance. The combination of both leopard print and pink skirt frills was just 'fine'. However the leopard print seems overused for the overall outfit.

Help me! started with a monologue which really caught my attention to listen more of it. The verses are totally interesting to listen, and in the middle part of the chorus was one of my favorite. Not to mention, Sakura's solo part was the part that gave me goose bumps. xDD

Music Video

The MV was made of green screen, and I say thumbs up for not overdoing it. The scenes feature different places of Japan. There are also various lightings during the MV and I can say that it is pretty impressive. A fan also pointed out a shot which really amazed me.
Sugoooi nee? :) Except for the outfits that didn't really match to the video. Anyways, I appreciate how the camera works in this MV too, it gives a nice feeling while watching the whole video.

Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba Nani Mo Iranai
Morning Musume's 53rd single is a double A-side that was released last April 17. It is 6th Gen Tanaka Reina's graduation single. It topped #1 and charted for 6 weeks.

Brainstorming outfits are really cool. With both red and blue colors, fans thought of it as the colors based on 9th and 10th gen aces, Riho and Ayumin. It has a unique style and I really like how it looks on Momusu. The accessories surely completed the coolness of Momusu.

The 2nd A-side outfits are totally adorable. With all the accessories and accent put in each outfit, it's pretty impressive. The layered chiffon dresses were pretty perfect for girls to dance with. It gives nice effects especially in the chorus part.

Brainstorming has different beats which gives a catchy feeling. It sounds a little heavy but 'cool' to listen. There are parts that repeats couple of times. The vocals are pretty strong, except for the autotune part. I still can't understand why this song was called "Brainstorming". LoL HAHA

As for the "Kimi Sae Ireba Nani Mo Iranai", the pairing of the voices seemed to mismatch a little bit which lessen the interest of the listener. In the whole song, the chorus is my most favorite part. It has a very intense feeling as you listen to it. If we just rank based on their lyrics, I prefer this one rather than Brainstorming since it's a little more meaningful.

Music Video
Brainstorming's MV is perfectly catchy. All scenes has the energy that keeps the MV lively and strong. I specially like the battle of Riho and Ayumin. The setting somewhat fits their outfits, which is a great impact for an 'amazing' MV. COOL and.. yeah. cool.

 Kimi Sae Ireba Nani Mo Iranai MV is a little dull though. Since it's just full dance shot with different angles. But I like the chorus part, it has emotion that we can really feel as we watch it. It is like we are also dancing with them while singing the song. The lights give more feeling for the MV which is pretty nice.

Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/ Ai no Gundan
Morning Musume 54th single, Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/ Ai no Gundan, was released last August 28. It is their 3rd single to debut #1 consecutively. It is the first single after "As For One Day" that didn't feature 6th gen member Tanaka Reina.

 Wagamama's outfit is a zebra-like patterned dress with black and white boots which are totally artistic. It looked simplier than the previous outfits but MM just looked so fierce wearing it. They also got another outfit which was the black looking suit. Which gave them a very professional look.

Ai no Gundan has red and black colored outfit. They looked like cool kawaii soldiers. I don't really know how to define exactly the awesomeness of the outfits, but anyways, they all looked awesome.

1st A-side's song is something like "new-to-morning-musume", with the instrumental which is something that you want to dance with. As I first listened to it, it sounded pretty mysterious which is splendid. The vocals also impressed me so much.

Ai no Gundan is another thing. I thought I heard similar to the background music before, which I really can't figure out. It was not catchy at the first time, but I turned to love it after a few listening. But yeah, I start loving the song when the MV itself is catchy.

Music Video

 Wagamama ki's MV has made many fans to wait excitingly as they watched the preview with the slapping part in the chorus, which are pretty awesome and badass. The setting was in a huge concert hall with the girls dancing on the stage. It is really one of the best MVs produced in H!P.

  When I first watched Ai no Gundan's dance shot in H!P station, I felt unsure if I will like it or not. Maybe because I didn't find it catchy or something that will really caught my attention like Wagamama. After the final MV got publicized, it got my 2nd impression. It actually look good and the girls are really charming especially with those white outfits.

Berryz Koubou
I didn't really follow BK's releases this year, but let's review their singles :)
Asian Celebration
This is BK's 31st single that was released on March 13. "Asian Celebration" is the cheer song for the Pretty Cure Allstars anime movie.

Their outfits have this zebra print as the top of their outfit. They're wearing something black with some sparkling details in the inner. I love how the red collar stand out 'cause it looked good on them

Asian Celebration has monologues done by Miya. It is a type of song you can use for parties since it has a disco tune. It's really fun to listen to it and this song can energize you too.

Music Video

 The MV's setting is in a disco club. The sparkling effects in the video seemed to be overdone but nevermind that, 'coz it looks fine. Giving a party feeling for all the viewers. I can't help but point out that this MV looked a little bit of C-ute's "Dance de Bakoon", the difference is that this one is not made of green screen.

Golden Chinatown/ Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi
This is BK's 32nd single that was released last June 19. This is their 4th double A-side single.

Hence the song's name, the outfits are in gold dominant color. The shining gold part looks like an armor-like or body shield kind of material. Some girls have sleeves and some are non. Captain's outfit is my favorite one.

Their 2nd outfits are the red dresses that made them look elegant. The top part of the dress has darker color of red than the skirt part. It looks simple, yet elegant.

What I like in BK is that their songs are totally different from others. Golden Chinatown's song began with the china-like tune. But it was not as catchy as the 2nd A-side. However, the way their voices blend together is so Berryz. I like it.

Music Video

I was not too impressed with the Golden Chinatown MV since I expected a setting of an actual 'chinatown', and all I can say is 'boring' and 'cheap'. They should actually put more attention of giving Berryz more interesting MVs.

I actually like this more than the 1st one. But I'm still not satisfied with it. Something's missing, and I can't really point it out. Still, the girls really look sexy and elegant. You can see the glamour they have in this MV.

Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta/ ROCK Erotic
This is Berryz Koubou's 33rd single that was released on October 2. This is their highest selling single with the sales of 42k+.

BK's 1st A-side has casual outfits that really looked good on everyone. I actually like Miya, Captain, Chii and Yurina's outfit since it fits their personality so much.
ROCK Erotic outfits have 'guys' and 'girls' attires. I thought I'd love Maasa seeing with that 'guy' outfit 'coz it'll match her hairstyle, but Yurina stands out more than the rest of the 'guys'. As for the girls, Miya really shined out with her girly personality, and she looks so elegant with her cocktail dress.

Motto Zutto Issho ni Ikatta is now one of my BK favorite songs. I love how Miya and Risako sang those first lines at the beginning. I remember myself loving a BK song when Heroine ni Narou ka! was released. LoL That was pretty long already! I also love "ROCK Erotic", it has an intense beat and it's very catchy. No wonder these awesome songs are now their highest selling single. :)

Music Video

I really like the first MV 'cause BK portrayed pretty well their mature side. The settings were much more better than the previous MVs they had. I really like how the lights in the background give nice essence in the video which really impressed me. They also danced like the controlled puppets which is totally unique.

The 2nd MV somewhat gives a story of a the guys tempting the girls by running their finger at their next, chin and such things. I also like the silhouette part and the dance shot that has a dark setting.

For this year, C-ute released 4 singles and they are:
Kono Machi
Kono Machi is a cover song that was originally performed by Moritaka Chisato. It was released last February 6. This song is dedicated to the 2nd anniversary of  the Tohoku Earthquake. Also in this single, C-ute announced that they'll be making another music video and asked fans to send in their photos of their hometown to include them in their newly made MV.

Kono Machi outfits are simply red with royal-knight looking one. They all looked like the royal guards who you can see in the movies. They also wore a very nice necklace that suits the outfit. Their hairstyle also looked simple but very elegant.

Kono Machi is a ballad song and has a very meaningful lyrics. If you misses your home, it's a good song to listen, or even sing while having this kind of feeling. I really like how calm the music is. That only proves that C-ute can perform any kind of music. nee?

Music Video

 Seeing the outfits, you would thought that they will have a colorful or strong feeling for the MV, which is totally not. For the first time, I didn't really paid much attention in watching the MV 'cause it's not forceful to watch it at the very beginning of the video. I don't know. The MV just looked boring with them just walking unending with green screen effects that I really hate.

Crazy Kanzen na Otona
Crazy Kanzen na Otona is C-ute's 21st major single that was released last April 3. Tsunku said in twitter that this single "will make people wet their pants."

Crazy Kanzen's outfit are sexy and cool, just like how the members described it before in their blogs. They all looked mature from head to toe. With all the accessories, hairstyle, and stockings, all I can say is SEXY. It gives C-ute a new image since their songs are almost genki and we can only sometimes see them perform sexy/mature songs.  I really love their outfit, expect with the little "awkward" shorts they're wearing. But anyways, it's totally cool.

The song has a powerful instrumental with electronic beats and cool transitions that makes the girls' voice more powerful to listen. Some parts like the chorus were repeated, but still catchy until the very end. It gives goose bumps as you listen to it.

Music Video
The MV's pretty sexy and cool from the beginning 'til the end. I was totally impressed how the girls portrayed their sexy side to this MV. The dance shot is accompanied with colorful light effects as the girls dance fiercely. This is totally one of the most impressive MVs they have produced so far.

Kanashiki Amefuri/ Adam to Eve no Dilemma
Kanashiki Amefuri/ Adam to Eve no Dilemma is their 22nd major single and is their very first double A-side single. It was released last July 10.

Kanashiki Amefuri's outfits are different casual attires.  Out of the 5 of them, Maimi and Nakky's outfits are my favorite. Simple but elegant to look at. Airi's outfit is a cool one, as well as Chisa's. As for Mai, it's a little mature because of her hairstyle. But it really suits her with her overall outfit.

Adam to Eve no Dilemma's outfits are made similarly to Eve (who is the 2nd human being made by God, accordingly to the bible). The outfits are all in royal green colors with the vine-like accent on their top center and accessories that really match in their outfit. A perfect portrayal of Eve.

Kanashiki Amefuri is another cool/mature song. With the cool beat and instrumental in the background, it is totally the "C-ute" style. Adam to Eve no Dilemma is also catchy, with the strong vocals that makes this song

Music Video

Kanashiki's MV composed of dance shots, close-ups and rain shots. I am much impressed with the transition/changing of the dance shots where the girls wear different outfits. I thought for the first time that their dance seems to be looking a little awkward. But after I saw the official MV, it amazed me and totally appreciated how they used different effects.

 As for the Adam to Eve MV, it contains with chains of apples (sounds weird, nee? LoL), in a white room where the girls are dancing. There's also a scene where girls are lying down on the bed of apples (which looks pretty real), and they totally portray the life of Adam and Eve. Well, not literally portraying everything, but how we know them generally.

Tokai no Hitorigurashi/ Aitte Motto Zanshin
This is their 23rd single released on November 6. It is their highest selling single yet in the history of C-ute, with the sales of 67k.

 Tokai no hitorigursahi's outfits are very colorful. The girls wear kawaii casual dresses with matching accessories too. I kinda love Nakky's look because of its colors and the coordination makes it cool, as well as Airi's. Not to mention Chisa's reversible skirt, which is pretty cool too.

Aitte Motto Zanshin's outfits are army-like uniforms. I think the white details are overused, I hoped they just removed the upper part so that we can appreciate the camouflage styled skirt.

Tokai is a genki song that talks about a teenager that wants to go to the city. As always, it's catchy. So moving ooon~ 2nd A-side has a very interesting instrumental at the beginning. It's actually groovy, and has a fast tempo.

Music Video

The first MV has a very refreshing feeling. With the effects that are finally not overdone, UFA has finally made something that we can really love. The setting gives us a genki feeling too. Well done.

The 2nd MV is very cool. I love how Maimi dancing as the opening act (is it the correct term? LoL), and the solo dance shots of each member, 2 thumbs up! weeeeh~ Having an old building as their main setting gives the whole MV a very nice touch.

Okay! Next up is S/mileage. This year, they released 3 singles, and here they are:
Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita
The 13th single of S/mileage was released last March 20.

Their outfits in this single are in royal blue color on top, and white skirts and shorts for Akari-chan with their S/mileage badge at the right side and blue ribbon at the left side. They also have this huge ribbon as their accessory for their hairstyle.

Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita is a song that makes you smile and can simply energize your mood as you listen to it. It's what I like is S/mileage, it really gives smile as they perform their songs, which is totally great and inspiring.

Music Video
Their MV is quite bright (or lighter perhaps?) that suits the song well. It is as energetic as their song can be. The girls are doing some various things like sitting, reading, playing around and such. The dance shot was inside a white room where you can see the light reflect brightly to S/mileage, that is simply nice to picture out spring.

Atarashii Watashi ni Nare/ Yattaruchan
S/mileage 14th single is their very first double A-side single that was released last July 3.

Atarashii Watashi ni Nare outfits are white sexy outfits. The girls are wearing white tube with a white blazer on top. They're also wearing skirts similarly having the stripes pattern and silver belt as the accessory. They looked like office workers even though they're showing their belly which makes them look sexier.
Yattaruchan outfits are mainly in black and pink colors. Each members have different patterns and styles. Very youthful-looking than the first one. They wore knee high hot pink socks with the black boots.

The first A-side has began with the electronic guitar playing. Which I thought that it'll be rockish or something. The parts are repetitive and less catchy. Yattaruchan is totally opposite from Atarashii Watashi ni Nare, since it's more energetic and fun to listen. It has a lot of monologue parts by Kana. I'm glad I can hear more from Kana in this one since I think, we can barely hear her from the other singles.

Music Video

I actually go thrilled from the beginning of the MV of Atarashii Watashi ni Nare. Since they did some sexy dance steps and it really match with the intense electronic guitar that was playing. However, it got boring as it project the plain setting of the dance shot. I appreciate how they did the close up, but it was not too much as I was expecting. Also with the girls holding a drawing book with some written phrases/sentences, and showing us those facial expression, but I was not really impressed.

Yattaruchan has a colorful setting, which I totally adore. The light effects just fit with the MV without even overdoing it. I also love the part where Kana-chan was doing her part with a megaphone. The part where each member is holding a guitar inside a room of huge speakers just makes the MV very kawaii. It actually show S/mileage natural energetic personality.

Ee ka!?/ Ii Yatsu
This is S/mileage's 15th major single that was released last December 18. It's there 2nd single to have double A-sides. 

Ee ka!? has pink and black outfits. The details of their sleeves are pretty unique but I find the skirts too short and revealing (or they really did it on purpose?) 
Ii Yatsu finally showed me the outfits in S/mileage that are not really "UNIFORM" LOL. The girls are wearing different casual dresses with black stockings and black and white shoes. It gives S/mileage a new look.

Ee ka!? is fun and upbeat and I really like listening to their rapping. It is very catchy, you can catch yourself singing "Ee ka!? ee ka?! ee ka?!" anywhere and experience an extreme Last song syndrome (LSS) xDDD
S/mileage impressed me so much with Ii Yatsu. They sound amazing in this song and you can really feel the message that they want deliver. 

Music Video

Ee ka!? started with the dance shot part and I can't help but notice the plain setting that quite distracts me the most. Anyways, thanks to S/mileage fun personality, it gave the whole MV more life. The sparkly curtains in the close up shots are nice touch too.

  Ii Yatsu gave us a look of how S/mileage will be when the time comes for them to perform more mature songs. I really like how they did their best showing deep expressions, but I like them better in genki and fun songs. Well, Ii Yatsu is an exception. Also, they finally gave S/mileage a nice MV than having cheap ones. It's a good one.

Juice=Juice is a newly formed group this year and they really improved so much as they debuted. This year, they have released 2 indie singles and 2 major singles.
Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne
This is Juice=Juice's 1st indie single that was released last April 3. It was pre-released on March 31 at Hello!Pro Kenshuusei concert. It is considered as the highest selling indie single in H!P.

Juice=Juice outfits are totally cool. With white and black as the dominant color, it looked good on them. Not to mention, their accessories that based on their fruits color.

Ju=Ju's song is quite catchy and impressive, and I really didn't expect it. I thought I'll see them in genki songs as they were announced. But since Tsunku said that this group will be cool and sexy, this song really satisfies the fans expectations.

Music Video

I honestly underestimated Ju=Ju's capabilities and skills. They actually have a high quality in dancing, and I really salute Karin for her dancing skills. She's flexible, nee? I don't really follow H!P eggs, so I don't really know how good they are. All of them actually united their talents in this one but Karin just caught much of my attention. Not bias guys~ I'm just saying :) Despite of the the plain background (AGAIN?! )of the dance shot, I don't really pay attention to it because of Juice=Juice's dancing. So yeah, a very good first indie single.

SA-MI-DA-RE Bijo ga Samidareru
This is Juice=Juice 2nd indie single that was pre-sold last May 5 at iTunes and H!P Kenshuusei concert. It was then sold at the H!P shop and E-LineUP! on May 8. The single had a general-release on June 12.

Their SA-MI-DA-RE outfits are casual attires in black and white, with the denim fabric included. Their accessories and socks are also in their fruit's color. Cool outfits :D

The song begins with the trumpet playing coolly, and it's groovy too. The girls' voices really match pretty well for the song, and I can really say that they've been improving since they debuted. For a new group to perform a very powerful song, I salute you girls!

Music Video

SA-MI-DA-RE's MV incorporates with traditional Japanese things such as the lanterns and wagasa umbrellas. The beautiful cherry blossom petals are also floating in the air in the MV. The girls have danced fiercely from the beginning until the very end which I really like. I didn't expect for them to be this talented you know LoL 2 THUMBS UP FOR THEM!

Romance no Tochuu/ Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne (MEMORIAL EDIT)/ SA-MI-DA-RE Bijo ga Samidareru (MEMORIAL EDIT)
This triple-A-side single is their first major single that was officially released last September 11. "Romance no Tochuu" was used as the ending theme song for the TV series Bowling Revolution P★League, in which C-ute Nakajima Saki participated in.

Romance no Tochuu outfits have this black and white patterns that makes it looked like a bit cool. It's pretty unique, actually.
Watashi ga Iu Mae memorial edit outfits are made out of flowery fabric which is pretty cute. The flowers actually fits each girls' fruit colors. Most likely, yeah.
SA-MI-DA-RE outfits are in black dominant color. What caught my attention was their red gloves which, I think, didn't quite match in their overall outfits.

Romance no Tochuu is another groovy song that I liked from Ju=Ju's. I love how the voices blend in each part which makes the song very catchy.
Watashi ga Iu Mae memorial edit is just an updated one from their indie single. They only added some new part in the beginning of the instrumental. As well as to SA-MI-DA-RE. Even if how they change it into a 'BETTER' one, it will always miss something that won't complete the perfectness of the song, and that 'something' is, of course, Otsuka Aina.

Music Video

I love how they make MVs with different outfits in one dance. The transitions makes it very interesting to watch. Their dance shot just makes it very groovy. I also like the scene where the girls hold their own gem color.

Since this memorial edit is just another 'updated' song, I'd expect it to only have a dance shot MV. How come they made it with close ups and other scenes? It was quite unfair for other groups like Momusu who had a very dull MV like Manterou Show and Kimi Sae Ireba Nani Mo Iranai. Are they making Ju=Ju pretty special? NO OFFENSE!

I like how the final outcome of these memorial edits, but still, IT'S UNFAIR! and I like the original MV more. It's a triple A-side single, and they made 3 awesome MVs in one release. It seems that they gave Ju=Ju a great headstart in their debut.

Iijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete  yo/ Hajimete wo Keiken-chuu
This is Juice=Juice 2nd major single that was released on December 4. "Iijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete yo" was used as the ending song for Nagoya TV program "King Kong no Aru Koto Nai Koto" and "Hajimete wo Keiken-chuu" was used as the ending theme song for the TV program "Zakirboa! Asura no Susume".

The Iijiwaru outfits are similar to High-King's "Cinderella Complex" and MM's "Ai no Gundan". Similar in color perhaps? LoL I like the combinations of the top and the pants of each member, except for the shoes, which I think is a little weird. It's fashion actually, but not the fashion we usually see right now in this generation. But I kinda like it.
The 2nd A-side outfits are like autumn outfits with knee high boots. Those boots in different colors just looked a little weird 'cause it doesn't really match in some of the members' outfits.

1st A-side is an upbeat, groovy song. Juice=Juice songs are quite catchy, nee? 2nd A-side sounds like a teenage girl who writes in her diary with a nice melody. The electronic guitar makes the song sounds a little groovy and upbeat too, but slower than the 1st A-side.

Music Video

Many mixed reactions from fans were shared as this MV had shown in the public. Why? Because Daishi took over Karin's part in the dance shot. I thought it was too weird to deal with, but Daishi actually did a very good job dancing with Ju=Ju, as expected for one of the best dancers in H!P. Maybe she can transfer in Ju=Ju instead in MM? KIDDING! NO WAAY~ \

In this MV, every member get to have their own room of their color. The girls are singing as they sit on a chair and picked up a cup and so on and so forth. They're actually doing exactly the same things which is boring. Have I seen those sparkling curtain in the background of the close ups? LoL It really bugs me the most the transition of each member who's doing the same things 'cause it looks kind of weird and they need to look more natural in the group shot where they sat on the sofa since they don't look comfortable to what they're doing. Anyways, I love the setting of each scene. Atleast, UFA are no longer giving H!P cheap MVs

Ranking time~!
I just want everyone to remember (again) that what you'll see here will be opinion-based ONLY. So if my rankings didn't match to yours, OKAY! You can share it with us in the comments :)

Promotional photos - Best in Outfit Category
Single Cover - Represents the song (depending on their outfit)
Screenshot from the MV - for Best in MV category

Morning Musume Ranking

Berryz Koubou Ranking

 C-ute Ranking

 S/mileage Ranking

Juice=Juice Ranking

Hello!Project Rankings!!!
Okay! THIS IS IT! Who topped each category?
It was pretty hard for me to rank these outfits, songs and MVs 'coz most of them are so great. I want to make a tie for some songs, but anyways, HERE'S MY HELLO!PROJECT 2013 RANKINGS! I want to rank the Satoumi units' songs, but it won't make it to the deadline. In Satoumi, my favorite unit is HI-FIN with their song "Kaigan Seisou Danshi" . I love how each voice blend to every lines, it gives me thrills.

Gladly, I finished the whole post before the new year. It took me 4 days in finishing it. HAHA 
2013 has been an awesome year for H!P since we got to see these awesome releases, and not to mention each groups' successes (C-ute, BK's Budoukan live, Ju=Ju major debut, MM's high sales, etc). So let's hope and support H!P that they'll have a more awesome and exciting year this coming 2014.

I hope you guys will share your rankings too. It'll be great sharing each other's opinions of these releases. 

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