Monday, July 29, 2013

Why fans love Hello! Project

I posted a question in the Hello! Project FB Fanpage: "Why do you love Hello! Project and what makes them different from other idols?"
And here's a compilation of answers from fans.

1> I love them because they are the ones who brought me to the J-POP world  I love them because they're so talented yet they are not recognized much in Japan. I love them because they're so professional in terms of singing and dancing. I know idols in Japan doesn't really require to sing and dance good but these girls are unique. Hello!Project is the home of the best idols 

2> They don't show off their skin and do.."touchy feely" things in their videos to promote themselves like other groups >.>

3> They are amazing artists and none have had work done and never lip sync. They give their all and each girl is unique and beautiful. Some are better singers, others dancers, but each show an amazing teamwork and Tsunku tries to give each some light. If not in a single a live performance. They are the real deal and I respect the hell out of them. They are all different but they are family and one of a kind. AKB48 should learn from these girls. They make beautiful music without short school skirts and songs about sex. They sing of love and happiness and you can tell by the lyrics that Tsunku thinks of them as family because he doesn't use sexual lyrics or dance moves. I love Hello project. They are wonderful. Berryz is cool and sexy, cute is very talented at dancing and showing numerous attitudes, mm is a little bit of everything and S/mileage is proof youth can be eternal and I love hello project!!!

4> h!p idols wins with their quality not with fanservice and too much gravurenity.

5> Their quality of performance is much higher than other idols especially live performance. I can identify the voice of each members when I love mm. Everyone own their special character in h!p which I cannot find from another girl idols. H!P members are such special and wonderful!!!!

6> H!P made the first idols I ever saw. I´m a fan since 11 years now and it feels like "family"

7> Everyone is united and all have equal roles. It's not like some other bands where there is a DEFINITE lead person. Also, everyone actually show the way they feel when they need to, the way i see it, they do not fake their emotions. The members also all have unique qualities and all have huge potential. All the past members also remember H!P as their starting point because it was just a really significant part of their career. H!P brings many different memories for fans as well as members. It truly is the best band i've ever known about. And to the people who think otherwise, you probably just do not know H!P that well yet. <grabs h!p info book & starts to study for once>

8> Their performance is the best! Better than AKB!

 9> They sing LIVE! They dance well. They are PROFESSIONALS! And they are wholesome!

 10>woaaaaaaah they're unique and hard working and awesome and hmm yea they don't promote their stuff by being naked!!!!!!

11> in my opinion every member in hello project is / was unique compared to other groups. they also seem more cheerful than others and they are more natural. i also like the fact that tsunku doesn't just choose girls who are already perfect from the beginning and offers them a chance to develop themselves. their live performances are amazing including everything from appearence to singing and dancing. the variety in music is great. i could go on for longer but the last thing i want to say is that more people should know about them, so they could listen to some real music for once xD.

12>most importantly...they are 'original'...

13>Talent! Talent! Talent!
An amazing collection of performers. The tunes are catchy, happy, & I sing along with them in the car (and I don't understand a word of it!). And the personalities just make you smile! It gives me something and someone to cheer for!
BTW: A Big "THANK YOU!" to everyone who translates all the news and blogs to English! You make it it possible for me to enjoy being a H!P fan(atic!)

14> there is a variety in the music, sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's sophisticated, sometimes both! they are all so talented and beautiful!♪

15>They have Sayu and Mizuki, nuff said 

16>Dancing singing exciting 
I love their performance. 
I love when they are on the stage try to give a energy,power and funny to their fans 
I love when they smile with sweat
No fake, no lie more power and elegant ^^ 
That's why i love H!P

17> HP, his idols and his songs make me so happy! I usually don't like so much idols, but HP really lead away me!

18>They have a lot of potential girls and they are all really close!  Also, they do a lot of overseas concerts 
compared to other companies! So far, I've seen Buono! and °C-ute in France.

19>they are my first REAL girls and music that actually drives my passion.i used to listened and liked only anime girls and songs(not that hardcore though) but H!P is..something else.XD I also have some good love on japanese stuff so i am really happy that they catched my heart. Eventually they also lead me to some K-Pop, but H!P are always my priority. Even though in all honesty, their MV is not as good as other stuff, but i still like them. Many of them stay true to the world. 

20> they perform w their all and they dont perform in bathing suits just to sell a lot....i see the members as a big family

21>They aren't just cute like the rest of the idols. They work hard in dancing and singing. Their performances are more powerful each time, it's amazing how you can see the young ones improving at a very fast speed.
It's all about quality!

22> Tsunku is a great leader and role model for these young ladies.

23>Ive been listening to HP Momusu for over 10 years now. It reminds me of living in kyoto... I especially like and love Risa Niigaki and wish I had a chance to take her on a date lol

24>Superb live performance!!!

25> Honestly? I can't actually explain why! I just really like them and their style! I find the music really nice to listen to, and Tsunku is just a big ole teddy bear! I dunno it's kinda like asking me why I like oranges, it just feels natural to like them!


27>They're great! I like most of their songs,& more importantly they're cute! 

28>Lets say that inazuma eleven led us to hello project 

29>Tsunku! but sometimes his idea is really really annoying..

30> i don't know exactly,but i'm never bored to see their video clip 
especially momusu,berryz kobo,and buono!(my favorites ^^)

31>They have Natsuyaki Miyabi and no other agencies seem to have her also soooooooo 

32> It used to be charisma and talent. Thank god we still have berikyu.

33> Momusu~~  They r very "pure"

34>They're just amazing,

35> the voice :))

36> They are.. memorable..

37>they dont just perform to entertain, they perform coz they are enjoying it...they can sing different kinds of music, you wont get bored to them and lastly they are wholesome

38>their talent


40>Talent! There are so many amazing girls all the way from Sayumi to Karin!

41> The origin of other idol groups~

Note that this are just the fans' opinions, what they say may not necessarily agree with yours, but please respect what they say, OK? If you were unable to participate when we posted this on the page, you are always welcome to post your comment or response here ^_^


  1. So mostly because the fans enjoy slut-shaming other groups. You can't say why you like one group by hating on another group. That's not okay...nor does it count as a legit reason to like a group.

  2. What did you do? Read that in one or two responses? Mostly what I read was just claiming the attributes of the girls themselves. And by digging all 30-some H!P idols doesn't mean one hates other idol groups. Personally, I like Perfume a lot.

    BTW, my comment is #40!

    1. Perfume isn't an idol group lol

  3. Tsunku writes good lyrics. I especially love any H!P song where they tell us not to give up and things like that like Momusu's Ganbachae, Do it! Now, I Wish or S/mileage's latest single Yattaruchan <3

  4. I don´t like that some of them said something against akb48...
    Idols are something ´bout love not hate!

  5. #3, #8 & #10 were straight disses and not reasons to like H!P! I like H!P and dont need to compare them with any other group.

    Love and enjoy whoever your favorite group is, but dont crap on other groups just to make H!P look better. Not cool

    1. Sorry #8 was not a diss, that's an opinion. My apologize.