Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello! Project song is part of The Wolverine Movie

Sexy Otonajan's song "Onna Kanashii Otona" is part of The Wolverine's soundtrack!
So yesterday, my cousin and I watched The Wolverine in which the setting was basically based on Japan. And right in the middle of  the movie, H!P's song played and I really didn't help it, I squealed and said "I know that song!!!!!!", and my cousin was like "Really?, what song?". Though it was played in a "stripping scene" or whatever you call it. But who cares about the scene, I was concentrating on the song XD

I wasn't expecting something like that in the movie, lol, I've never heard any news from H!P that their song will be used in the movie so it was kind of a shocker, considering it's a song way back in 2005 I think? It's from a shuffle unit composed of Fujimoto Miki, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Murakami Megumi. That's even like before I became a fan. Though I can't help wonder why they chose a rather old song?  Maybe the music director/ supervisor was an H!P wota? So I'm really happy that H!P gets an international exposure.

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