Friday, June 14, 2013

REACTION: Juice=Juice Major Debut

It was announced last June 13 that Juice=Juice will be having their major debut!
Though there are already a lot of news posts here, I'll just share my reaction about the surprising announcement..
Juice=Juice was formed earlier this year with 6 members and I don't remember a moment when I got so excited because of the newly formed unit. I'm not into H!P eggs, however, that changed when Juice=Juice released their dance shot of "Watashi ga iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya Ne". Just like S/mileage, they became one of my instant favorites.

What I'm shocked about is when Tsunku announced the unit's major debut just a few months after the formation, which I can say, is a little bit earlier than the past indie groups (C-ute & S/mileage). Well, I know they deserve it, because me myself can tell that Juice=Juice got a quality potential to perform.

Overall, I'm really, really happy, and proud at the same time that Juice=Juice will be having their major debut. The cool image that Tsunku pictured for them is totally catchy and I'm looking forward for their future releases.

Congratulations to Juice=Juice 
Let's Keep Supporting Them Everyone!

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