Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BeriKyuu through thick and thins and all in between

Well, it seems that after Captain's blog post about her feelings towards C-ute's Budokan Live continues to bring in the hype among the KIDS and sparking some interest among fans.
Recently, as I have been reading their blogs, I can't help but notice the repetitive posts about this whole Budokan thing. I like the fact that Captain was honest enough to tell us about how she truly feels about C-ute getting a Budokan live and they didn't. We all know that being able to perform in big venues like this one means a lot, it can partly show how popular a group is. But what's even greater is that despite the fact that it stings to be left out by your rival group, Berryz remains supportive and happy that C-ute will finally achieve their dream and they use this one as their means of motivation to even work harder in order for them to set foot and perform in Budokan too.

On C-ute's side, they sympathize empathize with Berryz' current situation. Aside from the reality that they are friends, this must be because C-ute understands what Berryz feels right now. It's no secret that C-ute were once called "Berryz rejects", despite that Berryz originally was formed to have a rotating members, when the members were chose. But for those who didn't know about that, just considered them as that. It must have hurt them too, in some ways, being constantly compared with Berryz and feeling a little less superior during their earlier days. I know I have spent a few times before arguing with BK fans and trying to defend C-ute with all their bashing. But C-ute never gave up after the whole roller coaster ride that happened in their group. They had their downs, wherein I actually stopped caring about them after the whole bumpy ride (or maybe that was just me being so indulged in online gaming at the moment). But the thing is, C-ute fought their way to where they stand now, there's no denying that they are on a good track and are on their way to a much greater height.

Whatever situation Berryz are at right now, it's nice to know that C-ute cheers on them to keep on fighting until they can achieve their goals as a group too. 
I personally would like to share this quote from Chisato
"Though it’ll never change that we’ll always be rivals、we will always support and respect each other as friends and colleagues"

And as much as BFFs can make us all go WTF, there's no denying that without them, we're all be a little less richer ^_^

Since everyone seems so hyped about being able to perform in Budokan, why not throw in another Battle Concert in Budokan? I know I want to see that again too, the Nakayoshi battle concert has always been the best concert I've ever watched.


  1. C-ute is the most group that grab my whole attention in H!P. I'm a big fan of them, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH that i can tell i can't stop crying and feels really happy when C-ute's dream (Have a solo concert at Budoukan) is going to be real! (><)

    the fact that some people were underestimated c-ute and only saw them as 'Berryz rejects' is really hurt me. A lot. And honestly i ever hate Berryz fan (because of it) once.

    But over the time i become H!P fan, then i realized that Kyuuto and Berryz is really best friends that i can't understand why people still judge them unfairly. All i can said now is.. "Both of them already have work really hard for their own dream, and what they achieve now is the result of their never-end work hard, please realize it."

    i also want to cheer Berryz, i hope their own solo concert in Budoukan can be conducted very soon someday :D

  2. I'm sure UFA could try and make Berryz Koubou have more promotion for them to get to Budokan.