Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Sunday!!! H!P Egg Hunting Time~ Part 2

Yamagishi Riko
(She has to work with that smile, IMO...)
She has participated in MM's 11th gen audition but failed.

Nomura Minami

(That innocent smile ^_^)
She has auditioned for 11th gen Morning Musume but failed.
Fan says he has Ogawa Saki's Aura.

Ichioka Reina

(OMG~ she's so pretty!!! lol, if ever she debuts, I'll keep her on my list)
This girl actually was a finalist in MM 11th gen audition!! (so she must be good! I'm definitely an insta fan!)
Has also participated in the 2011 EXILE audition.
Was previously a model for JS girl.
Because she had no confidence in acting, she decided to become an idol instead.

Kaga Kaede

(Ommo...her eyes reminds me of Daishi...O.o)
Has auditioned for MM's 11th gen

Kishimoto Yumeno

Was a finalist in MM's 11th gen audition. (So she must be good too)
Was a child actress under NAC

Makino Maria

Was a finalist in MM's 11th gen audition too.

Wada Sakurako

Has participated in MM's 11th gen auditions.

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