Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mano Erina Graduation Video Tribute Plan ^.^

Our one and only current soloist, Mano Erina will graduate this coming February, and we still haven't planned anything for her until now. We discussed about it few days ago with some fans at Hello!Project fanpage and I think we just came up with an idea.
We are going to take a photo of ourselves (as usual) but we are going to hold a piece of paper or cardboard where we will write our congratulatory message or something you want to express.

I have some examples for you:
I took these from the previous tribute =)
 You can draw for her
 Or have a something like this
 and a message in Japanese (highly recommended!)
and you can do something like this

If you have something in mind that is not mentioned above, feel free to do it!
We will have Next Myself as the background music. 

1. In writing a message, make it readable as possible
2. Invite your friends to do it too!
3. Submitting of photos will be until February 15, 23:59 JST
4. Send it to with the subject "Mano Tribute" or message it to Hello!Project Fanpage
5. Feel free to ask questions ^.^
6. When the video is done, I'm going to post it as a response of her Next Myself PV, so the possibility of her watching the tribute will be much higher.

Everyone! Please participate!
Let's show our full love and support for Mano
for the last time of her H!P days


  1. Roger..!!
    i very appreciated this..
    i will participate too..!!
    uh.. i couldnt speak in japanese..
    maybe i will just write some english texts?

  2. i will join :)
    i have a question, if you upload this OPV (or you say graduaion video response :swt ), will you upload to this blog?
    thank you

    1. yes, I will. As soon as I finished this tribute, I will blog it after it.. :D

  3. Pues yo tambien pienso en ayudar despues de todo!!! Erina-chan tiene que saber que tiene fans en cualquier parte del mundo!!!

  4. hi Iam kenji..can i join?..i like to join please...

  5. dear Mano Erina..
    mano is a great solo singer and when she goes there is no more solo singer like Erina Mano so i wish her well and take care..

    I wish she was still staying but she has to go bye bye erina bye bye

    love from antony from England...

  6. i already sent e-mail to you.
    please check it :D
    hope it wll turn well