Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas H!P-ers!
Another year had past, nee?
I wonder what kind of presents H!P idols have brought us?
Check this out~

Momo, Chii, and Rii-chan is now ready for a ride~! 
Other members seems to be going too..
Last year, we had Nakky as the cute red nose reindeer..
Well, this year, we have....
with Charmy Claus too!
oooh! and I think we just found another cute reindeer here..
It's Mano~!
Ai-chan in a very cute Christmas outfit.. I really miss her.. T.T
Berryz's Chinami, Rii-chan, and Yurina is enjoying Christmas~!
We also got Captain, Miya, and Momochi with their cute santa outfits.. I wonder where Maasa went? hmm.
There she is! With her fellow BK members.. 
 Morning Musume also feels the atmosphere of Christmas <3
 Sayu&Haruka kawaii~!
Masaki? Are you feeling well? 
Hey! Look at those cute candy figures~!
 Santa-san with Chisa <3
 Aaaw, Ai-chan is about to give us a Berryz Koubou CD, YAAY~!
 Christmas greetings from Kumai-chan~!
 and from our very own Cinderella too!
Here's C-ute wearing their cute outfits.. I hope I can find an H!P group photo wearing a cute Christmas outfit . It's going to be the best~
This might do.. KAWAII!
Be ready for some cookies and milk! 
Mano might visit your house later~

Let's hear some Christmas carols from our H!P idols~
You might have noticed all of this videos, since I posted it last Christmas, but I will still share it to give us high Christmas spirits. 

Watch this funny episode of morning musume with Yuko-san.. I wish Morning Musume and other H!P groups will do something like this again, as well as the Christmas carols..

How's your Christmas everyone? I hope I have risen your Christmas spirits :)
 Just adding this to end the post..
Everyone, don't catch a cold with the cold weather, okay?

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  1. lol fans make you so cool xD
    i will forever be a hello project fan =)
    merry christmas!!