Friday, December 14, 2012

2 ℃-ute Shinsei Naru Best Album PVs!

Recently, C-ute released their 2nd best album which is 2 ℃-ute Shinsei Naru. In this album, they re-recorded some of their old songs like Wakkanai Z, Sakura Chirari, and Tokkaiko Junjou with PVs too! Luckily, I found all the shinsei naru PVs and I'm going to share it with you guys :) 

Wakkanai Z 
(2012 Shinseinaru PV)
In this PV, they wear short jeans with black&white stripes and  hoodie jackets. It is the most colorful PV of C-ute's new album and also one of my most favorite. It is so promising to watch C-ute's first ever recorded song having its own PV already though I want to see the PV with all the members in it. I  like how the angles work in the PV since it doesn't really show that it's just a normal dance version.

Namida no Iro 
(2012 Shinseinaru PV)
It's my 2nd favorite shinseinaru PV, just like the Wakkanai Z, the angles made it work. I really like the new arrangements, but I prefer the old one more. Maybe it's the clapping that's missing, since it's one of the points of Namida no Iro.

Tokaikko junjou 
(2012 Shinseinaru PV)
Tokkaiko Junjou had new arrangements and vocals, and the PV seems to be so powerful just like the old one.  Maimai had a solo dance part in the beginning which is something great since she's my oshimen. C-ute are really amazing dancers nee.

Sakura Chirari 
(2012 Shinseinaru PV)
The shinseinaru PV of Sakura Chirari is the "Dance Cover" they did during the Kimi wa jitesha days. So, I think everyone already saw this one, and yeah, it's one of my favorite too :)

Massara Blue Jeans 
(2012 Shinseinaru PV)
This PV is just a dance shot in a very plain setting too much space to fill.  They are using one of their concert outfits. I think it's one of the plainest PV I've seen. Demo, C-ute's dancing and singing can never let the video boring, right? atleast, there are few flash-effects in this one.

Lalala Shiawase no Uta
(2012 Shinseinaru PV)
When you talk about fun, this is the one I am recommending for everyone to watch. C-ute looks like they are enjoying fooling around, especially Mai, Airi, and Nakky. I just can't stop smiling while watching this one. 

Ooki na Ai de Motenashite
(2012 Shinseinaru PV)
They really got the big heart for C-ute's fans nee. Ooki na ai de motenashite <3 

Soku Dakishimete
(2012 Shinseinaru PV)
I don't really like the background, since it didn't really matched the outfit. atleast it's not plain LoL 

Edo Temari no Uta II
(2012 Shinseinaru PV)
I like how Tsunku changed this song into a faster one, and Airi really got it. She's really an amazing singer. The PV is as powerful as Airi's voice is. 

Kanashiki Heaven
Finally, Kanashiki Heaven PV has been included in the album, so, here it is. I firstly disliked this song since it only featured Airi and Chisa (and since I don't like to see other C-ute members to be just back up dancers). But I started liking it after seeing this marvelous PV. 

So, that's it! How was it everyone? Do you love all the PVs? Which is your favorite?

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  1. These PVs are just awesome. I have been a little bit off at watching C-ute PVs or listening much, but I think this album just brought me back. I love this!