Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm back and what??? Tanaka Reina's graduating?! *flips table*

So it has finally been decided that Reina is gonna graduate from Morning Musume and Hello! Project! I may have been effin' busy this past few weeks....but I refuse to stay calm with the recent bomb H!P launched!

The night before this whole graduation announcement was made, I posted on the Hello Project FB Fanpage this concert title "MM Concert Tour 2013 Haru Michishige☆Eleven SOUL". I already predicted that this simple post would cause some drama over the fans, especially to Sayu's fans. The comments were that it would either be a Sayu themed concert or her graduation and we all know there is something going on when Names are written in the concert titles....

Then came this photo I found online, which I also posted on the page....

This of course, was not meant to piss off some Riho fans out there. This was supposed to be a joke or a simple humor of what is about to come when the 6th gens leave. And viola, it turned into a reality the next day!

The complete title of the concert was
"MM Concert Tour 2013 Haru Michishige☆Eleven SOUL--Tanaka Reina Graduation Special"

 Yes you did! Happy now?!

The here comes Reina's New life after Morning Musume

Of course, I already sensed that she will be graduating right after the band audition was announced. Though Tsunku did said before that she will continue her activities as a Musume even being in a band. That was probably just one of Tsunku's trolling.....At least on the brighter side, Tsunku had secured her future after Morning Musume. We still get to see Reina perform as an artist not in an idol group but in a rock band. 

Even I expected it to come sooner or later, as an avid fan, you can't take it away from me to feel sad, depressed and devastated with the news. Though she was not my first favorite in Morning Musume (Kamei Eri was my fave before she graduated), I can honestly say that my fangirling with Reina as my current oshi in MM was far more intense than Eri's. I came to know Morning Musume at their platinum era, then it wasn't so long that Eri graduated and at that time I was naive about this whole graduation thing, I liked Eri but I didn't feel so much sadness in her departure, I guess I didn't just get to know her enough. Where as in Reina's case, I've known her since 2007, liked her and idolized her since then. There was something in her that differentiates her from the others, she's cool and cute at the same time and I like this whole yankeeness emanating in her personality.

Reina has a lot of contribution to Morning Musume and it's not a question that she is one of the vocal prowess Hello! Project ever had, even Tsunku himself admitted that Reina is the closest thing to being a PERFECT Morning Musume member and I don't argue with that, personality, talent and looks wise. He even classified her as one of the top 3 best voices in MM history. And no matter how much you dislike Reina, admitted it..She's one of the best products of H!P.

After reading the announcement, I couldn't help but get my eyes a bit misty. Heck, I felt sad when Ai and Gaki left though they weren't exactly my oshi, now I can't imagine how I would feel when that dreaded day comes.

It's too early to say my thank you and goodbye speech to Reina. So for now, I just wish her band the best of luck and hoping that they'll be as awesome or as successful as SCANDAL! Gambatte! btw, my suggested name for Reina's band was "Femme Fatale"

Meanwhile, Sayu and Reina's randomness hits worldwide....In the natural sense of "Graduation" she can't graduate with looking for things to cheer me up *wipes tears*)


  1. one of the top 3 best voices in MM history.

    who r the other two? :D

  2. Hiya! I was just wondering where the screencaps on the bottom of the post are from. I really want to watch that. XD