Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wakuteka Take a Chance Outfits~~~

Overall I like the outfit...except for one thing, too much ruffles? i don't know how to call it.....What did they do to Eripons hair??????? I prefer the One Two Three Hairstyle, I wished they just did it the same..
I'm so glad to see Daishi in front!!! I can't wait to see the PV! I just hope they won't screw this up.


LEA and B, b-sides : 2 futsuu no shoujo (Reina, Haruka, Masaki)
LEC and D, b-sides : daisuki 100 man-10 (Mizuki, Ayumi)
LEE and F, b-sides : Shin'en dake wa tsuranu kitouse (Sayumi, Erina, Riho, Kanon, Haruna)

Regular: Love Innovation (All)

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