Sunday, August 19, 2012

Potential 11th gen finalist~ Potential for disqualification too?

So apparently, a girl tweeted that she’s unsure of whether or not to continue into the next round of 11th gen auditions. And some netizens were able to uncover who she was and what she did can be a ground for disqualification since it's against the rules.

The girl's name was said to be Taniguchi Yuna, 17 y.o, from Osaka. She's a NMB48 and a JE fan as claimed on her twitter account . She had been receiving positive and negative feedbacks from netizens after her tweet which is why she made her account more private.

And someone notified Tsunku about the situation in which he replied "Who?"

So basically, a lot of people are thinking right now that she might be disqualified for the audition, since what she did is against the rule just like what happened to the girl who got disqualified from the 9th gen audition after blogging that she made it to training camp. While she did not technically reveal her name, which is why she is covering her name in this picture.

If she does not show up in the finals, we will never know if she got disqualified or just decided not to participate anymore. On my opinion, judging from her looks, she's cute and her age isn't too young, but I haven't heard her sing nor see her dance yet, so I can't really tell if she'll be a good addition to Morning Musume. But if I'll just based it on her physical aspects, I'll think she'll pass =)


  1. wow, she is really pretty and I love her name :3 I hope she passes/decides to continue!

  2. she is too old I dont like her DX

  3. What about cuca-chan? even though cuca-chan is too young but still she's really fit to be in morning musume.

    1. She's too young for like a month. Well, all of us wants her to be part of Momusu already, but can't get in because of her age.. Let's just wait for 12th gen to come.. :p

  4. She's pretty but this audition is based on talents. We'll have to wait it out and see.

  5. Who was the girl from the 9th gen audition? I didn't hear about that!!