Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reina and her Future Band

Reina is THE BOSS

I may be kinda late with this news cause school has just started and I didn't have the time to write here, so yeah....... I've heard that Reina will be a band and band auditions for guitarist and a vocalist had been announced. I'm really happy that Reina would be part of another unit while continuing her activities in MM, this time a Girl Band, which is somehow different to how they run HP with Girl Groups. I'm really hoping for a Scandal-like band, with some Buono style in it but more rockish than Buono. And I actually think that being a rocker-chick would pretty well fit Reina's Yankee personality.

But then this whole Reina band thing had spark some speculations that she'll be the next one to graduate soon and I certainly do not like that to happen yet, maybe 2 more years but certainly not so soon. I want to see her live her dream of becoming MM's leader before that happens. But on the brighter side, this band may secure Reina's future if she finally graduates in MM. It will be such a waste if  Tsunku would just let someone like her, who he referred to as "the closest perfect member of MM", go just like that, she has so much talent and potential that should not be put to waste.

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