Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tribute Plan for Niigaki Risa's Graduation!

Gaki's graduation day is coming near, and we still didn't have any plans for her graduation gift.
So, many fans suggested to make a video having fans doing the mayuge beam which is said to be the signature pose of Gaki.
Some also suggested to paint her name in kanji on our right check and take a photo of it [新垣 里沙].
So, we can do both things and can also make a message if you want. Just don't make it too long.
We will compile it in a video and have a background music named "How do you like Japan? ~Nihon na donna Kanji Dekka~" since this song fires up/energize Gaki-san.
We can still have any more suggestions if you guys have some.. Maybe it's something good :)

Uploaded by PichicciLOVE
Here's a sample of Gaki's mayuge beam! Honestly, it's my first time seeing this one, and it's really cute.. Mayuuugeee BEEAAAAM! XDDD

Anyways! Send your entries in with the subject "Gaki Tribute" and nothing more else.. Since we always encounter the problem of having some messages going to the spam folder, it gave us a hard time to find all of the things you sent, also, to make sure that all of the photos will be included in the video. :)
Deadline will be on May 15.. Don't forget to send yours!

P.S I'll be making a page about this one so that you can find this one easily.. :)

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