Sunday, April 1, 2012

Suzuki Airi to Graduate this Fall? NO!!!!

Airi Suzuki recently blogged that she will graduate this coming fall during the last day of the C-ute's concert, and she stated "I've been told by manager that many fans keep complaining that I'm stealing all lines of C-ute members and I should leave for my own good". This news is totally heartbreaking, especially to the Airi wotas who are keep supporting her from the bottom of their hearts..
There are still no more details if where and when the graduation concert to take place.


I know I startled you, gomen ne!
There's no way Airi will graduate, well, maybe in the next few years?
and those details are totally fake, sorry sorry sorry..
Many of you are mad at me right now, nee?
Gomen ne!
Well, I hope I gave you guys are feeling fine now after reading the above post.. :)) 
I hope you enjoy your day, and take care!
Gomen ne again


  1. was about to cry for a sec
    and I was like... LOL

  2. MY HEART ALMOST STOPPED BEATING WHEN I READ THE FIRST FEW ROWS! ...then I remembered it's April Fools and thought it must be it. And I'm glad it was <3

  3. After I read the title of the post I was scared to death. Then I started to read it and started thinking what day it was... But, good job! this joke is a good one :)

  4. Oh my God I should of looked at the date lol....
    but I really was gonna go nuts if this was real :/

  5. for a moment i wanna hit your face... -_-"