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Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen! [SUMMARY]

Suugaku Joshi Gakuen has finished their 12-episode journey, and we had learned a lot!
A lot of fans, especially H!P fans are looking forward to see this thrilling series.
In this drama, almost all H!P idols are featured in each amazing episode. I'm somewhat surprised when a lot of people said that episode 12 is their last episode. Anyways, everything in this drama series are all satisfying. Especially, since we can get a chance to see and witness the talent of acting of our favorites..

This drama will be a school drama about Math battles, and it will center Michishige and Tanaka who are the classmates and rivals, with a only male student of the school (will be played by Sakurada Dori) who transferred to the school by mistake, and has no interest in Math.  As the opponents of Michishige and Tanaka’s Math battles, other Mobekimasu (comprised of 5 Hello! Project groups, Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, ℃-ute, Mano Erina, and S/mileage) members, such as Mano Erina,Tsugunaga Momoko and Sudo Maasa (of Berryz Koubou), Yajima MaimiNakajima Saki, andSuzuki Airi (of ℃-ute), Wada AyakaFukuda Kanon, and Tamura Meimi (of S/mileage) will also make appearance in the drama. -TokyoHive
Here are the characters of the drama:
  • Machida Nina (Tanaka Reina), a math girl who aims to become a suugaku bancho (math boss) to find and figure out about her big sister's disappearance. She's a mentaiko and tonkotsu lover and her catchphrase in "Sine! Cosine! Mentaiko". She usually say this one with a cute pose after she won a battle against a math girl. Nina is also terrible when handling machines and technologies. She became a suugaku bancho after battling with her big sister.
  • Tachikawa Sayuri (Michishige Sayuri), also a math girl who always claims herself as the cutest in the whole academy. She's a mean one in the beginning, but become very nice and turned into a Nina-lover after being defeated by Nina
  • Satou Kazuki (Sakurada Dori), a math hater who accidentally transferred to a math school which is very unfortunate for him at the very beginning. But he was able to handle it afterwards. He also became Nina's henchman. He is attracted to Mami.
  • Uehara Yuri (Suzuki Airi), she's a sweet girl who is attracted to Kazuki. People call her as "Cute Angel". There's also a fan club dedicated to her from a boys' school. She's really pure.
    • Hatsudai Mina (Saho Akari), she's a friend of Yuri who helps her in many things. She's also a classmate of Yuri, Nina, Kazuki and Sayuri.
  • Nagata Sana (Sayashi Riho), she is known as the math referee of each battle inside the academy. 
  • Toriumi Nagisa (Niigaki Risa), she's a doctor of the school who usually gave Nina some advice when she feels troubled. 
  • Harajuku Tomoko (Tsugunaga Momoko), she's a transfer student who is a rival of Sayuri for being cute. She defeated Sayuri as the most popular girl during their grade school days. But Tomoko was defeated after they had a battle that decides if who's the cutest between them. Tomoko is always energetic happy, and high tension cutie. Her motto is "One day, one triumph"
  • Machida Kina (Ishikawa Rika), she is the big sister of Nina who went missing after becoming a math boss. She challenged Nina to battle with her to become a boss. She loves to play around with Nina and give her a lot of surprises. One of it is when she acted like an enemy who wants to take down all the math school and rule all the mathematicians in the world. She call this hobby as "Happy Prank" (Dokkiri Happy)
  • Shirokane Reiko (Mano Erina), a very rich girl who acted as a transfer student in Nina's school. She is the daughter of the head of the Shirokane corporation. She changed a lot of rules inside the school. She declared that no dialects are allowed, also vanity, mysteries, gluttony, eating mentaiko bread and tonkotsu ramen, being an idiot and more. She loves to see beauty in her surroundings, that's why she set those rules. She always have a poker game with her father, but never win. She was the one who was approached by the devil sisters. 
    • Meguro Yuu (Miyamato Karin), the assistant of Reiko.
  • Gluttony Girls, this is a group who can ate almost everything. Nina sometimes dislike them because they're the reason why her favorite food are always sold out.
    • Okubo Fuyumi (Sudou Maasa), the leader of the gluttony girls. Her motto is "no delicious, no life"
    • Akasaka Haru (Fukumura Mizuki), a member of the gluttony girls. 
    • Nakano Riko (Ikuta Erina), also a member of the gluttony girls.
    • Otsuka Mei (Suzuki Kanon), a member of the gluttony girls.
  • Shibuya Mami (Yajima Maimi), she's a detective girl who seeks justice and act as a police officer or we can rather call as a detective in their academy. Her catchphrase is "You're under arrest". She's also a former math referee.
    • Shibuya Junior Police Squad, this group consists of 4 students who patrols every part of the school everyday. They look up to Mami.
      • Utagawa Rin (Ikubo Haruna)
      • Jinnan Runa (Ishida Ayumi)
      • Miyamasu Rion (Sato Masaki)
      • Miyashita Noa (Kudo Haruka)
  • Morality Squad, they are making sure that all students of the academy are following the rules and regulations.
    • Aoyama Ayaha/Iroha (Kikkawa Yuu)
    • Jinguu Takako (Tokunaga Chinami)
    • Azabu Mirai (Shimizu Saki)
  • The Elites, it is the inner circle of the school. In this circle, they students are very rich, they also got elite instructors, special curriculum and classrooms.
    • Komaba Satoko (Nakajima Saki), the leader of the elites. She was being described as terror.
    • Mitsuda Tomoko/Satoko (Okai Chisato)
    • Yotsuya Yuuko (Hagiwara Mai)
  • Team Nina, they are the first year students who wants to be like Nina. They imitate Nina's hairstyle too. They also eat mentaiko bread, which is Nina's favorite. They tried to beat Nina by using a computer, but was defeated at the end. 
    • Maihama Haru (Takagi Sayuki)
    • Daiba Aki (Tanabe Nanami)
    • Hakkeijima Natsu (Yoshihashi Kurumi)
  • Team Nina, they are another team who admires Nina so much. They are shown in all episodes. They talk about various of things about who Nina battled with or some news they are really excited to hear.
    • Tengenji Sora (Wada Ayaka)
    • Yamashita Umi (Fukuda Kanon)
    • Okura Riku (Tamura Meimi)
  • Devil Sisters, they known as the unified 3rd year terrors. They are said to be the ones who present the final problems of becoming a math boss.They've have themselves held back for 15 years in order for them to stay at the math school.
    • Sugamo Akina (Yasuda Kei), devil sisters' leader
    • Asakusa Seiko (Iida Kaori), devil sisters' sub-leader

Let's have a quick review of each episode!
Lesson 1
In this episode, the characters introduced are Machida Nina, Tachikawa Sayuri, Sato Kazuki, Uehara Yuri, Shibuya Mami, Nagata Sana, Toriumi Nagisa, Tengenji Sora, Yamashita Umi and Okura Riku.
In this episode, Kazuki freshly transferred in a math academy which is full of cute girls. He became an errand boy for Nina and he's going to buy her a mentaiko bread once she wants it. Sayuri was annoyed with Nina, and planned something that can dirty their names.
 Sayu and her classmates framed Kazuki for peeping at Sayu's panties. Gladly, Nina asked for a math battle to prove Kazuki's innocence. Both of their equations are convincing, but Nina won the battle to prove more evidence. After the battle, Sayu faced her punishment and Nina explained to Kazuki that Math isn't bad at all for him to hate so much.

Lesson 2
Sayuri became a Nina-lover after being defeated at the battle against Nina. Nina asked Kazuki for a mentaiko with an answered worksheet as the replacement, then he ran over the hallway to buy one. The test questionnaires for that day's exam went missing and Mami takes action of investigating of the missing test. After investigating, she returned back in their classroom and announced that the culprit for stealing the test was Kazuki, and arrested him. Mami took him to the custody and questioned him for all the information.
Nina tried to save him and explained that there's no way that he can get advantage of stealing the test because it doesn't contain any answers and he is too stupid and not smart at all of understanding the whole thing. To prove his innocence, they set it up into a math battle. They let Kazuki answer some various math problems and the two girls will determine if he will answer it right or wrong. In the end, Nina won and Kazuki is now innocent. The teacher happily announced that he found the questionnaires inside the photocopier and admitted that he sometimes forget things. Mami then faced her punishment which is a yummy hotdog with a lot of spicy custard as the toppings.

Lesson 3
It's lunch time and Nina wants to eat a bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen. However, it was easily sold out because of the Gluttony Girls. Okoba Fuyumi is their leader and she acts as the mother of the group. They can eat as much as they can. Nina was pissed off after finding out that the ramen was again sold out. Because of that case, she asked Fuyumi for a battle, however Haru faked a stomach ache to save Fuyumi from getting into the battle. In the next day, the ramen was removed in the menu and was replaced for a ramen tour.
Nina is now so mad, then she asked again for a battle and Fuyumi accepted it. Their battle will be a school race, the starting line will be at the rooftop and the finish line will be in the lunch room. The Gluttony girls are trained for having the knowledge of the shortest way to get in the lunch room which is a big advantage. But Nina won the battle and her favorite ramen is now back.

Lesson 4
Nina's mentaiko bread went missing and she's accusing Kazuki about it. Nina was so loud that caused the Morality squad to scold the both of them. Nina then realized that she gave her bread to Sayu since she's so hungry. After classes, both Kazuki and Sayu went to the old building of the school. Sayu's stomach aches so much and she went to that building's toilet, as for Kazuki, he let his anger of Nina out by writing a lot of things in a blackboard.
Just as those two did their things, a window was broken. In the next day, the teachers had a meeting about the incident. There then a classroom meeting, and two students reported that they saw Kazuki and Sayu heading to the old building and the Morality Squad asked them if who did it. They are given time to think on what to say or to stay silent. In this case, they are facing the "Prisoner's Dilemma". Nina asked to fight with Aoyama which will be based on what will Sayu and Kazuki will say at the end. At the end, neither Kazuki and Sayu accused each other which leads Nina to her victory.

Lesson 5
In this episode, Yuri got a chance to confess her feelings to Kazuki, and that went all to a shock. The time of changing seats came, and Yuri volunteered to hold a lottery to decide which seat everyone will get. She have 3 boxes which is A, B, and C. Yuri gave the honor to Kazuki as the first one to pick his number and she let the other pick theirs. Everyone announced their numbers and as Nina hears them, she thought something was wrong.
They decided for a battle, which will be about the lottery being tampered or not. If Nina can prove that Yuri is up to something and she tampered the lottery, she will get the rear seat which is the farthest from the teacher and also a good spot for sleeping, if not, Yuri will seat next to Kazuki. Nina uses her math powers and proved that it was tampered.

Lesson 6
A transfer student came and she's Harajuku Tomoko. She claims herself as the cutest no. 1 girl in the class, that made Sayuri got mad and wants to beat her. Sayuri tried to befriend her after taking Nina's advice, but it made it worst. Tomoko said some errors that made both Nina and Sayu to beat her. In their homeroom, the two claiming no.1 girls had a cat fight.

 Instead of continuing this meaningless fight, they decided to do their traditional math school obstacle course that was said to be established 120 years ago. They had a tricycle navigation, the bread bite challenge, and they will dash into the finish line to decide the winner. They crossed the line at the same time, but because of of their chest size, Sayuri won.

Lesson 7
3 aspiring first year students that admires Nina are eating mentaiko bread and tried to act just like Nina. They decided to learn Nina's email address and cellphone number but as soon as they went to Nina's classroom, They figured out that Nina has no phone and she's terrible with technologies. They took advantage of using technology and asked Nina for a Math battle. It's a 3 VS. 1 battle.

The 3 of them used a laptop while Nina only have abacus. They scored two points but since they followed a school tradition, the last question would worth 3 points. Nina won the last problem and she encourage the first year students in continuing to do their best and be stronger.

Lesson 8
Nina and Sayu had a big fight because her mentaiko bread went missing! Sayu walked out and Kazuki tried to explain that it is not something to be so mad about. Without noticing, they entered the inner circle of the school, the elite class area. Just before they can get out of the area, 3 elite students approached and blocked their way out. They questioned them why they are outside of their circle. They captured them and tied them in a room. After realizing that Kazuki has no use, they let him go.
The elites asked Sayuri about the good points and who are best in each problem that will help them win the next intramural battle. Mami tried to save Sayuri but failed. Gladly, Nina saved them by battling with the Elite leader, Satoko. It is a problem of probabilities called "Monty Hall Paradox", Nina have to choose a room between A, B, and C where Sayuri was admitted. Satoko invited Nina to join the inner circle, but she refused since she's already satisfied at her own class.

Lesson 9
A student teacher arrived in Nina's school and he looks pretty cool and hot to almost all students. As he entered the room and introduced himself, Mami's heart immediately got stolen. This teacher is called "Waka-sama". Mami fell in love to the newly arrived student teacher. Kazuki is going home and was heading near the bus stop. He saw Waka-sama and thought that he's really cool until he caught him peeping under a woman's skirt by crouching and used a mirror. In the next day, Kazuki tried to tell the other girls about what he found out, but they can't believe it and thought that he's just jealous. Sayu and Nina believe in him but Mami don't.

During their class, Nina caught the student teacher peeping between Mami's legs using a mirror. Nina's explanations convinced Mami that Waka-sama is a dirty peeping tom. She then arrested him and sent him off to the principal's office with a broken heart.

Lesson 10
A new transfer student came and she's the daughter of the head of Shirokane Corporation, Reiko Shirokane is her name. Reiko changed some school rules that affected the students especially Nina, Kazuki, Sayuri, Mami, and the Gluttony Girls. Fuyumi challenged Reiko for a battle but failed to win. Nina has no power to battle unless she'll eat her favorite food. She decided to eat mentaiko bread and then fight with Reiko.
The mistress didn't accept the challenge because she is not worth to fight with. Nina's 3 friends then volunteered to put their necks to the line. Reiko accepted the challenge and she decided to play an original form of poker. It is a 3 vs. 1 game, Reiko picked Nina, Sayuri, and Kazuki as her opponents. In the first round, Nina's team lost the game.

Lesson 11
Nina's team also lost in the 2nd round. In the final round, Nina got the idea to have a flush, and they got it. Reiko was defeated in poker and the school's now returned to normal. Reiko confessed that she's not actually a transfer student but a person who scouts about them. She then left the school. The three students keep brainstorming about the lines Reiko said after she got defeated. Then a compass with a message flew into the room, which is said to be a school legend. It is said to be from the devil sisters.
Defeating the sisters will make you into a math boss. They went to the locations where the problems given are indicated. They then met the devil sisters, who are Sugamo Akino and Asakusa Seiko. They battled with Nina but they are easily defeated with Nina's knowledge. At the end, Nina's big sister showed up and challenge her as Nina's final battle to become a math boss.

Lesson 12
Nina's sister showed up and explained about here evil schemes of being a math boss. Nina can't believe on everything she hears from her sister and decided to battle with her. Kina used the record of 1200 years of math school history and picked an unsolved problem of all time. The problem is "1+1=2 (clearly prove the given equation)". Kina gave first her explanation in proving the equation by using the Peano's Axiom, and Nina thought of it deeply. To power up Nina, Sayuri and Kazuki offered her a mentaiko bread. After eating her mentaiko bread, she is unstoppable in giving a perfect explanation. That ends the final battle of Nina and she is officially the school's no. 1. After it, Kina confessed that she just made those things up and it was all a happy prank. She explained why she disappeared, it's because she studied abroad which is a prize for being a math boss. Nina chose to study in her current school only since it is where she's happy and satisfied.
In the end, everyone is doing their own routine and Nina has proven the Rosenzweig's Demonic Function. Kazuki also started to like his life in the math school. 

Suugaku Joshi Gakuen Correlation Chart. This one indicates the relationship between each characters of the drama.

Few Screenshots!!
 This one is so funny! Kazuki even put a heart at the end xp

 Kazuki's first errand

 A quick hug incident of Kazuki and Nina. Ooooh! Yuri is so mad!

 The scene in this part is so hilarious! Kazuki is just so funny!!

 Mami's punishment after getting defeated by Nina! A yummy-licious hotdog with a lot of spicy custard!

 Mami vs. Nina

 Mean Sayuri!! SCARY!

 Nina's Favorite Mentaiko Bread

 Sine! Cosine! Mentaiko!

"AAA-aaaa-AAA-aaaah!" Nina's tarzan version
Sayuri vs. Nina

Nina vs. Fuyumi

Sayuri's solution during her battle with Nina

The Shibyua Junior Police Squad

you're under arrest!!

Special Credits to:
Morning Musume BBS for subbing all the episodes of SJG
Admin Min for downloading and uploading the episode to the H!P fanpage.


  1. This amazing drama is just full of kawaii-ness! >_< Sayu and Nina were amazing and Kazuki was so hilarious. I never get tired rewatching it.

  2. You had it all wrong for Lesson 9...Truly,Nina had herself spotted Waka-sama doing some dirty task to Mami but you had forgotten that it was Sayu who exposed him by pouncing on him and zup!!!The mirror fell off...
    Waka-sama is probably also the one that plays the Chief in Hanbun Esper...
    Really love Rika-chan's role indeed just to give us surprise ahead....She is the best former Momusu idol I ever seen...But why not Nakazawa and Nacchi playing the Devil Sisters???Really miss em....
    It may be also surprising if Yossie-chan would also get to appear as well.. Can you explain why of all Momusu members,only Mitsui Aika is NOT included???She COULD have play the role of Kazuki's girlfriend or even younger sister who is also an avid animal lover too...