Thursday, April 19, 2012

#18 Version "Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku" [Hawaii Close Up Ver.]

C-ute released their hawaii close up version! YEEEY~
It was pretty beautiful, they had different close up scenes, as you can notice. They have different backgrounds, and I love Maimi and Maimai's close up the most. The greeny grass and trees has a good combination of the shiny sunlight, and Maimai's hair color is a very beautiful combination to the sunlight. Nakky close up seems to lack a little sunlight or maybe too much? Airi's close up was in the middle of my ratings, in a good way.. As for Chisa, when she looks down or something, the sun shines to the camera a little, but I still like it.. :)

I wonder if there will be more exciting version taken in Hawaii that'll be uploaded.. Hmmm.. EXCITED!!

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  1. I think the lighting in Nakky close up just shows her beautiful skin tone and I like it =]