Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to Maimai, Maimi, Aibon, and Lehua Sandbo! :)

Today, we got 4 birthday celebrants! YAY! They are Aibon, Lehua, Maimi and Mai!
This day is very special for these amazing 4 idols, so let's celebrate with them!
I'm not really familiar with Lehua Sandbo and just that I only know that she's part of H!P. According to my research, she's part of Coconut musume in 2 years and graduated to pursue her college career. She now lives in Hawaii with her lucky husband Kapono Nahina, a professional surfer. It is also said that she attended college to be a professional nurse. Too bad, I didn't catch her up when she's still part of H!P. But seems that she has a happy private life, so i'm happy to hear it.
Aibon is a very talented idol which I always admire. I like her voice and her personality as I watched some old videos in YT. I really admired her along with Tsuji when I found out that they are called to be "The Twins" or known to be the W. I'm not happy knowing that she has been in some scandals and cases which leads her to the bad way. But Aibon seems to be leading herself back to the bright side, and now that she's married and already carrying a new life with her is a very good news.
Maimi is now an official adult! Omedetou Maimi-chan! She's been a loyal leader to C-ute, and been working amazingly with the group. She grew up beautifully and she's so talented. She can dance, sing, act, and even run! I'm a big fan of her, and her clumsiness always made me smile. Remember the ones in their bus tour, where she placed herself in a wrong position, it's kinda funny, in a good way, of course.
Maimai is the first one that brought me to C-ute and H!P, and she's my most favorite idol. Her cuteness and the way she sings and dance made me love her more. She is just amazing and I can't really explain why I love her so much! She really grew up so fast, I remembered that she's still a little child, and now she's a beautiful lady. She started working as an idol since she was still 6 years old, which means she's been in H!P for almost 10 years.

The four of them really made an amazing history in each of their lives. I'm so happy to know them, and made them as part of my inspiration. I wish them the best and I hope that they will enjoy their very special day.
Today, they are now:
Lehua Sandbo- 29 years old
Ai kago- 24 years old
Maimi Yajima- 20 years old
Mai Hagiwara- 16 years old

Stay beautiful and happy happy birthday to Lehua, Aibon, Maimi, and Mai-chan!
May you guys have a prosperous Future!

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