Thursday, January 26, 2012

HP's Top Girl from each Group

Ever wondered who are now the Top Girl from HP groups???
The result might be different from the previous years!

Our last poll has finally concluded!The poll was about your favorite member from each group Sorry it took me a long time to sum things up..but here are the results....

For Berryz Kobou
the winner is............

Tadaaa~ Captain, Herself! Shimizu Saki!

To be honest, when I came into HP way back in 2007, Captain never stood out to me. That was because she wasn't given enough spotlight and well, I didn't find her pretty nor cute at the time probably because of her short hair. But look at her now! I think she really has bloomed and turned out to be a beautiful lady plus her awesome dancing skills! She looks different from the Saki that I have perceived from before. So I'm really happy that she won the poll and she's actually my second favorite in Berryz now! Before the ranking polls for BK was always between Miya, Momo and Risako but looking at our latest poll, Captain had beaten them all though it was a pretty close fight against Momoko and Miyabi.

Momosu's Top Girl is........

Current Leader, Niigaki Risa

Gaki is definitely one of my favorites in MM! And with her leadership coming to an end, I wish her the best in the future. She may not have been given much spotlight like Ai-chan but for sure, her talent and contribution not only to HP but in the Jpop industry will not be overlooked, especially by her fans. She's one of best example that "Dreams do come true", remember how she expressed the she loved Morning Musume even before she joined this legendary group!

C-ute's Top Girl.......

No other than the Kappa Queen, MY PERSONAL FAVORITE and the "Oh- so -C-ute",
Airi Suzuki!!

Waaaah! Really? She won??? I can't believe it!!!
I'm not really surprised that Airi won this one, I mean it's kind of expected (Come'on I'm not trying to be biased here). But weighing the possibilities, she really IS one of the most popular girl in Hello Project! And there's no doubt, she's also one of HP's finest product EVER~~~~~ talent wise, Airi is really something, she's both an asset and a liability in the music scene. Aside from talent, the fans adore Airi because of her personality! She's so quirky and funny and doesn't try so hard to be cute in front of the camera cause she's naturally Cute! I love her and C-ute before I even tried to love the whole HP family. So I hope I won't be hearing any Graduation news from her or else I don't know what's going to happen w/ my HP fandom after that.


It's Fukuda Kanon!!!

I was neutral with S/mileage before their Uchouten Love and for now I'm still on the process giving more attention to them and thanks to Meimei, I'm actually liking them the way I liked the more senior groups but my familiarity with each member when it comes to personality isn't that deep yet. And among the 4-nin S/mileage she's actually the last on my list (but I don't dislike her just to be clear), so I couldn't say much about her. But since fans has chosen her, then she's must be really lovable and talented.
P.S. I like her w/ that long hair rather than the short one, she looks prettier w/ that, IMO!

Our next poll is gonna between this girls, so look forward to it!

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