Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy 29th Birthday Yaguchi Mari!!! Sexy Beam~

Today is Dream Morning Musume member, Yaguchi Mari's Birthday!!!! Now known as Nakamura Mari....Looking at her photos it's quite hard to believe she's already 29 and is nearing her 30s....LOL... When I came into the HP world, Mari was no longer part of Morning Musume, The first time I saw her was during one of HP's concerts as an MC... That was when I found out that she was a former Morning Musume member. I really liked her genki and funny personality and I think that is what makes her special to her fans =)


♥Was the first person from the popular Japanse girl group "Morning Musume" to "resign" due to a scandal. She received no graduating concerts, or final performances due to this circumstance, but has made it clear that she'll return as a solo artist in 2006.

♥She was famous for her "Sexy Beam!" line from "Koi no Dance Site" and when she was asked jokingly in Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari, "When will your real sexy beam come out?". The "Sexy beam!" line has made its way around fans and fellow musicians alike.

♥After long being out of Morning Musume, she often came out and discussed how Tsuji Nozomi terrorized her in Mini Moni and Morning Musume and also said whenever she sees her cry, even till this day, she is not affected by it and thinks she is faking.

♥ She is known and favorited for her exuberant and irreverent personality

♥She was also famous for being the smallest member of Morning Musume at only 145 cm (4 ft. 9 in.) and 39 kg (86 lbs.).

♥When she graduated from Morning Musume she was the last person to join before the year 2000.

♥She currently has the fifth longest tenure of any member

♥This new focus on television prompted Yaguchi, during an interview with actor Hugh Jackman, to jokingly describe herself as a "variety idol". Although she later regretted the joke — because she has tried to distance herself from her idol image — the nickname has stuck amongst her fans.

♥She's the last one to leave MM in her Generation

♥She is the sixth former Morning Musume member to get married

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