Friday, December 30, 2011

How to be a good fan and support our idols and enjoy H!P concerts or performances more/better~^^~!!!

Since I want everyone to be a good fan and support our idols and enjoy H!P related concerts and performances at best ways possible, I decide to tell you guys few hints/tips I know~^^~

(Haha~ I uploaded some pics because there were to many boring stuffs!!! By the way, I have to buy Final Fantasy XIII Part II since Ai-chan is promoting and also Chissa is playing it too~!!! I didn't even start the Part I, I guess I have to borrow the DVD from my big bro...)

1. "KNOW" your idols~!!!

It is very important to know about your idols! You can love/like them more if you know about them more~~~ Since most of us can't know about them personally, we need to get to know them any way we can~! First things first, read their information about them! And after that watch every shows or performances you can watch!!! And you can ask some questions releated to our idols in our FB page or other blogs/communities~ I & our admins and others will answer your questions if we can~! But when you ask me some questions, please use Enlish orKorean~ More you know about idols you can enjoy their shows more~^^~

2. "LOVE" your idols~!!!

Since we are done with know your idols part, next is love your idols~ There is a huge difference between love and like your idols! I am not telling you to become Wota~ I am just talking about platonic love, like family or friends have for each others~ You can be really tolerate/supportive with idols faults/mistake in their shows/performances if you love your idols~^^~

3. "DO NOT" disrespect your idols and other users~!!!

After you watched our idols MVs on their official sites and enjoyed them, please comment on their MVs or at least click the like button!!! Clicking like button doesn't take more than 5 seconds(I said 5 sec because sometime you can experience some internet lags..)!
If you don't do this, you are disrespecting your/our idols!!! And when you click the dislike button, please explain to others by writing the comment if your reasons are relate to the sounds or visual effects or other stuffs.
I am asking you to do this because there are some chances UFA staffs can read the comments and if you explain about why you didn't like the MVs they might fix it in the future!
And please "DO NOT" use any bad, curse, and dirty words when you write the comments!!! If you love your idols, why do you have to use those words to disrespect them?
And please "DO NOT" say any bad things about the idols that you like less! I have seen this kind of behaviors a lot from other fan sites/blogs/forums/communities! And sadly, from our fan page too..... If you don't have any nice things to say about the idols then don't say anything!
I can't understand the people who say bad things about the idols who they like less because it's like they are saying bad things about their best friends' family member who they don't like to their best friends...
What I am saying is all the girls are/were in one big unit called, "Hello! Project"~!!! And when you say some bad things about one or more girls you like less, that means you are disrespecting your favorite girl too(They are in the one big unit together, people)!
But it is okay if you say some things like "I don't like ** because I don't like her voices/hair style/singing!!!". Just give us some reasons and say it nicely as best as you can, please~^^~!? And please "DO NOT" disrespect other users~!!! I think I don't need to say that since internet is not face to face situation so everyone has to be at their best behaviors, right(This is called basic internet etiquette or manner)~!? Please be nice to other people and do not pick a fight with them because they like less your favorite idol!!!

4. "SUPPORT" your idols~!!!

Supporting our idols is one of the most important part of us~!
There are two big separate ways to support our idols!!
One way, we need sped our money and the other way, we don't even need to spend any money(maybe a little bit~^^~)~~~
I will start explain the ways you can support our idols! Like I always say on our FB fan page's videos, please buy our beloved idols stuffs~!!! Why am I keep telling you guys to "BUY" stuffs? First of all, I don't make any money out of telling you guys to buy stuffs(Some bloggers do).
And back to the story, sadly, our idols aren't irreplaceable and really easy to replace with other new girls with pretty faces..........
If our idols can't make enough money to satisfy high executives, agency won't support them or not going to invest in them any longer!!! So please buy stuffs for the idols and your sake!!! Don't you want them to stay in the business as long as they can~!?
And I know these days some people are having hard time to buy stuffs because of their situations but don't tell us you can't buy our idols stuffs because you don't have enough money when you go out to eat more than 5 times a month or spend all of your money to play or buy other stuffs!!!
Now I will start how we can support our idols without spending big money or buy their stuffs!!! As you know, idol is really busy and hard working job that is why we can see some photos of idols taking a nap anywhere they can! So cheer our idols and refill their energies, you can send fan letters or small gifts(Hand made letters and sweets will do perfect!)~^^~!!!
Send e-mails to idols, comments on their blogs, comments on their MV or any videos, click the like or follow button on their MV or any videos, spread your support/love of idols by sharing information about them with the world, create blog/fan page dedicate to your idols~^^~!!!

Last tip is more like a suggestion or my preference~^^~

5. Buy "GOOD" equipments/products~!!!
These days most people have ipod or other stuffs you can listen music to. But to listen to music in these stuffs you need earphones or headphones~ But do not I repeat do not buy chip/bad ones!! You might have seen people who buy high price earphones or headphones and probably didn't understand why they bought that~
The reason those people bought high price stuffs are the quality of the sounds!!! There is really huge different between below $100 stuffs and over $400 stuffs!
Don't think so~!? When you have the time go to the store where you can test these high price stuffs near your house and test them then you will understand! And don't use earphones!
Why~!? Usually headphones are built in better qualities than earphones and it's good for your ears' health and more comfortable! But if you are going to buy earphones, please buy the one with High-Def Sound isolating thing!!! Or at least buy stuffs that has good frequency response or dB sensitivity or at least buy the one with volume and bass controller~~
Let's move to laptops and computers~ When you buy computers and laptops, for monitors, buy the ones that support 1920 x 1080 resolution and 60fps!!! And buy the good sound card! And buy at least speaker that has sub woofer with volume and bass controller!!!
Better equipments and products = AAA+ on your enjoyment of our idols releated shows/performances~^^~!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed my tips/hints thingy(I am pretty sure some of you just scolled down to see the last pic!!! Haha, lol~)~
Please "LOVE" our idols and "SUPPORT" them any way possible~^^~!!!
And don't forget to have a Happy & Wonderful New Year, everyone!




  2. Please,can someone let Comments on Reinas blog for me ?
    Because I if someone have ameba,please send her this'll be the kindest ever!!! help me to support reina

    私は大きなREINA TANAKAのファンだ!!
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    Happy Bday for 11/11/11!!

  3. I watch the video and almost died XD.
    The last pic was the best <3 !!

  4. yeap that is how to respect your idol im a ota so im good i support and love them i do want ffxiii-2

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