Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gambatte Yuukarin~! [頑張ってね, 前田憂佳]

Today will be Yuukarin's graduation from Hello!Project and S/mileage.
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Two months ago, Yuuka announced her graduation which will be today, and commented..
Thank you for always supporting me.I, Maeda Yuuka, as of 2011/12/31, will be graduating from Smileage and Hello! Project.Just the other day at our event, the 4 sub members became official members which made me really happy, but at the same time made me realize that it was this timing that I had to use to tell you all something very important.Since becoming a high school student, I have been unable to keep up with my Smileage work and school at the same time and it has bothered me a great deal. I started to think about my future and realized that my desire to attend a university had grown a lot over time. I was wondering if, at this rate, if I would be able to handle both school work and Smileage, I was really only able to give a half-hearted effort on both things… and was always getting help from other people, and I really disliked that part about me. I thought to myself “Things aren’t going to work out if it keeps going like this”.I need to work a lot harder if I want to attend a university. But that had always been just talk, up til now nothing had really changed…If I let these feelings continue, it would not be fair to the other members, nor to all the fans that support me.I thought a lot about it. I may not be very bright but I put all my energy into thinking about this… and came up with this as the only possible option.As of now with the four new members joining, it has been a joy to spend every day with the members. To the original members, to the new members, and to all of you who have always supported me, I am very very grateful.Although it may be sad, we have a new single featuring the 7 of us coming out on 12/28, and I will be working my hardest ever to make this the best one yet!I am very grateful to so many people, and hope to really enjoy these remaining 2 months, and finish with a smile in the Smileage way!Please continue to support Smileage from here on after.2011-10-25 Smileage Maeda Yuuka 
Because of that, we're going to make it special even we can't attend to her last stage..
Few days ago, the H!P fanpage and the blog invited fans to join for our Yuukarin Gambatte Video tribute, and it was a success for everyone..

Also, we asked fans to send a message, and here it is!

  • Please fulfill your duties with studies, even if you are graduating.. please let this road you choose be the correct one. Your time with H!P and s/mileage will always be cherished. Yuukarin, you're amazing and have made such a giant impact among the other idols in H!P. Congratulations, this is not a goodbye. It's a new beginning. (: -Christina
  • Yuuka I hope that after your graduation you will be fine for you, after you left everything will be different We will all miss you, me I'll always bear as the largest of smileage with Takahashi-san you're going to stay in the hearts of all fans veiled excuse me have you actually read all this I wish you the best route, your biggest fan --christophe
  • my love for you will not be change -Rjay
  • Yuukarin, you will be missed by us all! Thank you for the music you've brought upon us with your fellow S/mileage members~ Follow your dream and I hope you'll achieve it! Good luck, and thank you so much! We love you, Yuuka Maeda! xD ♥ -Ferlene
  • we are going to miss you. good luck and remember u are going to be in our hearts forever ♥♥♥♥ -Miguel
  • Yuuka, I'll miss you! A lot of other people will miss you too. You've been one of my favorite members in H!P since I became a fan in 2009. I seriously adored you in Shugo Chara Egg! Now, you're in S/mileage. You had your major debut along with Saki, Kanon, and Ayaka last May 2010. You worked so hard to be where you are now. I love your singing and dancing. You are awesome, Yuuka! Good luck in life and hopefully you will reach your goals. We love you and we'll seriously miss seeing you in H!P ♥ -Mira
  • thank you for this looong time,, for smile for your dajare, everything..
    even though still hard to say good bye ,,, but, good luck for your school and university exam, i believe yukarin can do it.. if one day you feel wan't to sing again, please make a come back. we'll be waiting..
    pleasee be happy like you make us happy everyday.. miss you.. -Isan
  • thank you for doing great all the years will miss you alot hope there is a miracle that you and saki will come back like dream s/mileage it is really hard to say goodbye the group will not be the same but yuuka if you come back we will wait for you so your future focus hard and show yourself that you can do it will support you no matter it come hope to hear more -Mochua
  • Gambatte Yuukarin-chan ♥ !! Wish you a great future ;) -Yohann
  • Yuukarin : Ganbatte !! ♥ We are going to miss you ! We love you ! ♥ ♥ -Angelina
  • Yuuka, you are my favourite s/mileage member! And you are the reason why I like s/mileage! It won't be the same without you :/ After you have gone, I'll have a new fav member. But yuuka-chan, YOU will be forever my favourite member!! I love you ♥ ganbatte~! -Eva
  • yuukarin *_* i'll miss you very much >.< ♥ you are one of my favourite s/mileage members and you are so cute *-*
    it's so sad that you'll graduat from s/mileage :(
    i miss you ♥ ganbatte :) -Sarah
  • Yuuka I wish all the best of luck with your new goal and after seeing you with smileage for awhile I'm going to miss you so much.I'm so sad at the moment because you are now graduating and I hope the path that you have chosen is the correct one for you.I really wanted you to stay longer but every single in this world has there own dream that they want to reach so Yuuka God Bless you even though your no longer with Simelage you and Ogawa will always remain in our heart forever We Love you and Will all Miss you Yuuka so good luck with your new Future.  And one more thing I'm going to miss seeing your great talent with in you and will be missing seeing you performing with smileage.It is soo sad to see you go so even now your gone remember to always Simleage :-) -Adam
  • I will support you no matter what decsission you take, I love your voice and personality. I really wanted to see you on stage one time, but I guess that's to late now(;_;) please do your best, we support and love you ♥♥♥ -Aida
  • we will miss u yuuka chan and we will support u all of th way!.... as long as its not a scandal. no scandal yuuka chan! u r way too good for that. everything else we will support u 100% of the way. pls be sucessful in life. for both u and ur fans! -Allison
  •  I'll miss you so much! You were my favorite since i first started listening to music from hello! project!!!! D,= -Sabrina
  • sosugyo omedeto yuukarin!!! -Vivian
  • yuuka-chan, hope you have a good, successful, happy life. ^.^ ganbatte! -Jamie
  • Be happy on what you want .. ^_^ -Vincent 
 Yuuka is still so young~! Kawaii nee
Yuuka taking part in H!P kids..

 Yuuka as a member of High-King~!

She's also part of Shugo Chara egg..
Yuuka wearing their 1st indie single outfit Ama no Jaku
Yuuka wearing their 3rd indie single outfit "Suki-chan"
and this one was from their 1st major debut single.. "Yume Miru Fifteen"
Ganbaranakutemo ee nende!!! Kawaii kansai-ben single
Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama.. Whooo, such a long title.. 
Shortcut single, she really looks good in her short hair.. Makes her look mature..
Koi ni booing buu outfit
and we get to see their best selling single outift, Uchouten Love
Tachiagirl outfit..

and this will be her last single, the Please Miniskirt Postwoman..

Yuuka's solo live during her egg days.. She's totally amazing.. :)

I really love this video, it shows Yuuka's performance together with the other eggs..

Watching this one makes me really think that Yuuka really improved, staff are right about her nee, she improving and improving..

Reading her blogpost during her birthday really touch my heart, I'm so happy hearing that fans did it to her, as her birthday present.. I'm so glad.. :)
Honestly, I'm not really a BIG fan of her, but I admire her because of her unique talent.. and I'm willing to support every idol in H!P because I love the whole family.. and it made me really sad and so shocked that she'll be graduating, since I never ever expect it.. It's too early isn't it? But I understand that she really want to fulfill her dream in entering the university, so let's support her to everything she decides..

Anyways, Yuukarin, congratulations! and otsukare sama deshita~!
We all love you and we will always be here to support you!

Big thanks to Norikazu-san for translating the message and the description, to the uploaders of the video, and to the fans who helped us this tribute to be a success.. Thank you so much!
Let's continue supporting Yuukarin minna-san!

Yuukarin Omedetou!
Gambatte ne!