Saturday, November 26, 2011

S/mileage's New Photos as a 7-nin Group! :)

S/mileage had a very big change ever since the 2nd gen members arrival, and Saki's graduation.
Some fans must not have accept the big change yet, but it S/mileage turned out well for me..
I mean, I'm a very big fan of Sakitty, and made me upset of her leaving S/mileage, but we have to accept the fact and just go with the flow. The new members are in their way as a great idol, so we have to support them always, no hatreds okay? :)
Anyways, let's enjoy some cute photos of S/mileage, and a video clip of their performance for their new single "Please Miniskirt Postwoman" and also "Sukichan". Thanks to the uploader Airiindeshou..


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