Saturday, October 29, 2011

3rd Challenge: Favorite Songs in MoBeKiMaSu Groups!

Hello minna-san!
It's my 3rd challenge, so enjoy reading!
My Top 2 Favorite Songs of Morning Musume

Furusato is the one. It gives me a lot of emotion everytime I hear thing song. Gaki's version is my favorite. That's why I easily fell in love with this amazing song. It got a very deep meaningful lyrics. I just love this one so much..

Nanchatte Renai is something that is so amazing. The background music, vocals, and everything, it's perfect. Especially since Koha got some lines of this one (I'm a big fan of her). Also, I really love the feeling when listening to it..

Here are my Top 2 Berryz Koubou Favorite Song!
Jiriri Kiteru

Sometimes, I got attracted in a certain song because of its music video or live performance.. Jiriri Kiteru is one of those songs. :) The dance is one of the best among all of their singles. Amazing and attractive..

Special Generation

It's a very energetic song of Berryz. One of the best, and the PV's effect is just great. How I want them to make a new single just as energetic as this one..

C-ute Top 2 Favorite Songs

Aitai Lonely Christmas
I really, really, really, really LOVE this song. Lines were divided equally, isn't it? The bell chimes elegantly. C-ute is always its at best in any form of song. I don't think there's a song that doesn't sound good, huh?

Big Dreams
What an overwhelming song it is. No exact words are forming just to define how great this one is. I'm just very attractive with this one.. Sometimes gave me tears, happy tears I think.. :)

Top 2 Mano Erina Songs!

Genkimono de Ikou!
Obviously, I really love cheerful and energetic songs. Just like Mano's Genkimono de Ikou, you feel like dancing while listening to it.. It drives me crazy sometimes, dancing alone without thinking.. XD

Seishun Serenade
Another energetic song again! Mano's voice is so sweet to hear, which made me want to listen more.

S/mileage Top 2 Songs!

Yume Miru 15
S/mileage 1st major single. One of my favorite songs. I also love their 1st indie single (since it is where I discovered S/mileage), but I'll choose this to be the top 1. The best one about S/mileage is that the lines distribution are equal, don't you think? You can't tell it's unfair or something.. :)

Uchouten Love
The last 4-nin S/mileage major single. This is a happy single, which I really love. I never even thought before that it'll be Sakitty's last single :( Well, it's a beautiful and colorful song for her last S/mileage single..

That's the end of my 3rd challenge.. I apologize for not explaining too much, and maybe you've notice that I'm using same adjectives in some videos.. Those songs that I've chose are all amazing, so I don't think that it needs an explanation..
Anyways, please look forward for my next challenge!


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