Friday, September 30, 2011

Takahashi Ai-sama "Graduation Special" Entry

The day has come! Our Takahashi Ai-sama will graduate today..
Takahashi Ai's last day as a Morning Musume and a Hello!Project member.. *sob*
It's been a ten shining years in Morning Musume, with Ai-chan.
She made a large history during those years..
During her youngster years are totally amazing.. Such as this video, which made me want to watch it over and over again.. :P Charmy is so cute, and Ai-chan is just so funny..

Her talent is the best on the top..
She's the kind of leader that is easy to talk with right? You can't really act like being scared of, it's like the closest friend. She's funny and can do many things to make everyone smile..
She's one of the best in the sense of humor trait in the whole H!P.
So, after this day, she'll be no longer be a Momusu member, no longer be the leader, and she'll now turn the next chapter of her life. Wishing her the best always, and good luck in her new life.

Our Takahashi Ai Heart Tribute Campaign just ended yesterday, and I manage to finish it on time.. BANZAI!
It turned out well, even though it looks simple than usual. We received more than 45 photos doing a heart sign. Thanks for participating! I also want to thanks to those who helped me with this campaign such as Admin Min, Miyo, Miu, and Airii~n Deshou?! blog. :)
I picked Ai-chan's solo song "Jishin Motte Yume Motte Tabitatsu Kara" as the background music, and inserted a video of her singing it.
I'm so glad I made it on time, and hopefully everyone will like it.. :)

Some fans sent a message too.. :)

AI CHAN! I hope you have a wonderful life growing up! You are now a beautiful woman, you will be missed! <3 Maiko

I am your fans from Hong Kong.
I hope to see you on the stage again even not a leader in morning musume!
I hope you can keep your beautiful smile forever :D

 From Pinky Mak:)

Hi, Ai-chan! I just started liking you so it's sad that you have to leave now. Morning Musume will never be the same without you! I hope you continue singing with a solo career. Take care Ai-chan! I love you *-*!!! _Rina_

Hi, Ai-chan! I'm even going to cry when i m writing this. Ai, in current Morning Musume you are my favorite member, since 2007, and it's sad that you are living. I can't say that i have seen you grown because i'm younger than you. But i have watched all kinds of TV show videos and music videos and stuff like that, so i can say that you have grown from cute child to beautiful women. Like i said i m sad that you are living. But this is new beginning and i hope that you will continue your career because you are so talented. Morning Musume will never be the same for me without you! I will keep supporting you in the future. Take care Takahashi Ai! I love you~! 

The road to success is such a bumpy ride and no matter how long that journey is, it will eventually come to an end. Unfortunately, I hate the part of the show where I have to say goodbye to someone. You've been an inspiration to us, your fans and I hope that whatever decision you take after your graduation you'll find happiness. I'm so glad that you've became a part of HP Family because an idol like you who have so much talent to share is such a wonderful piece of art. So don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened =)
♥Miyo Kaoin♥

Takitty, you've been a precious momento both in Morning Musume and Hello Project! Hope you continue to shine after you graduate! It's always good to try something new, we hope your happy with the decision you make. Thank you and please continue to be an inspiration to your fellow HP family and also to your fans! Gambatte!!
> RB, Mee, Ting, Ann <

Ai-chan, sotsugyo omedetou!
Zutto daisuki!! <3 

_Nur Lisanti Nevita_

Sugoi~ I can't believe you're graduating! I remember seeing you in Mini Moni when I first saw Lucky Cha Cha Cha!
Now you're grown up, and ready to face the world. I want to say congratulations on graduating, and I'll be supporting
in whatever you will do in your career :)
<3 always,

To Aichan, the best leader in Morning Musume:
Otsukaresama deshita! Thank you so much for your hard work, sweet smiles, and amazing vocals. Being in the group for ten years, being the longest serving leader, you have made more than just a huge contribution to the group. You've made incredible impacts in me, filling my heart with so much joy. So here's a heart for you! I know you'll continue to do your best, and I want to continue to see Aichan shine! Aichan, I love you! From a 100% supporter in Singapore.

Dear Ai-chan,
Congrats upon your graduation! Though it have been a long 10 years, I am sure it have been whizzing past you so quickly that you have yet to realise it. XD all the fun you have had, all the laughter and tears. Enjoying with your kouhais and senpais, and looking at them graduate away.. I am sure you have experienced a lot during these enriching 10 years! Speaking for everyone out there, we are sad to hear that you have to go. You are so talented, we want you to stay! But all good things must come to an end. Therefore personally I hope I would still be able to see you in the entertainment sector doing what you choose to do and love to do. If you are to be a soloist, I hope you'll evolve from an idol and a singer, to a diva. Stay good friends with everyone in Morning Musume and Hello! Project, espacially niigaki-san. :D
Once again, congratulations on graduating. 

_Jeremy Lim_

Ai-chan, you are a wonderful and beautiful woman. You don't know me but you helped me when I was going through a tough time. You inspired me to do better in life. I hope you do well in the future. Good luck! Congratulations on your graduation!
_Amber Lowe_

Hey Aichan, we love you and miss yousoooooooooooooooooooo much. Please don't forget this! 

Ai-chan.. You're really going to leave Morning Musume and Hello!project now.. This makes me sad.. But I'm happy for you to step up on the next level of your life.. You're the best idol ever.. We'll all be missing you as a Momusu.. We'll still here giving you the best support you'll ever received from each of us.. Don't forget to smile always, keep up of being a strong woman, and we love you so much! Good luck for your new career.. :)

It seems that I missed a wonderful photo for the tribute.. Minna-san, Gomene! They just appeared at the Spam messages. I'm so sorry! So, to make it up to you, especially to Eva and Sarah, I'll show it here..
Eva and Sara
Ai-chan may be called as a crybaby, but she's a strong woman who fights and keeps her chin up all the time. Her sense of humor, being so sweet, talented, and an amazing person everyone knows..
The magical story of Ai-chan hasn't ended yet.. We are just ending up a chapter.. We'll now be in the next one.. and it's going to be more magical and exciting! :) She may now leave H!P, but she will always be in the Hello!Project family and everyone's hearts..Let's always support Ai-chan!

Credits to the uploader of Ai-chan's performance, and to everyone who participated and helped me for the campaign.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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