Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 9/18/2011) from H!O~!!!

Hello everyone, here's this week's, "Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A" from H!O.
Please enjoy~^^~

Question: If you could sing a duet with another H!P member, who would you choose?

Okai-chan! She's got wonderful voice.

From Musume, Aichan ☆ From Hello, Dawa ☆彡
I'd like to sing a happy, silly song with her ☆

This might be a surprising choice but... Momoko!!

Yurina-chan (from Berryz Koubou).
A height-gap unit ( ̄∀ ̄)

Mai-chan from C-ute!!! But I think the
genre of songs we like differs (^^;) (laughs)
Still, I'd pick Mai ☆☆

Akari Takeuchi-chan ♪ I really like her voice,
so please make it happen (*´∀`*)

Mano-san \(・∀・)/

Maeda Yuuka-san!

Fukuda Kanon-san.

Wow~!!! What an interesting and unexpected choices~ No same answers this time!
Ai-chan & Chissa duet could be a thing if it happens~
TakaGaki is my favorite and Gaki-san & Dawa duet sounds good too!!
I definitely want to see Sayu & Momo duet~!
Ren-chan & Kuma-chan will be adorable~^^~
Mittsi & Maimai would make a perfect duet!!!
Well~ Mizuki's answer is the most unexpected one! She picked Take-chan from S/mileage~ But I want to see it happen too~!!
Do you guys think Eripon picked Mano because they share same name~!? Haha~ I think so!!!
Riho & Yuuka could be great~
Two Kannon singing together~!? It's must see~^^~!!!

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