Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pocket Morning S/mileage Weekly Q&A (Week of 9/21/2011) from H!O~!!!

Hello everyone, here's this week's, "Pocket Morning S/mileage Weekly Q&A" from H!O.
Please enjoy~^^~

Q. If you could swap your voice with another Hello!Pro member's, whose voice would you choose?

Tsugunaga-san. I want to try having a high-pitched voice for 1 day! I'd try being burikko* (cute & child-like)!

Takahashi-san. Since I love her so much!

Nakajima-san ☆ Since she has a really cute voice, I'm envious!!!

Maeda Yuuka-san.
Her voice is really too cute.
Since I'm calmed when I hear that voice, I want to be calming myself.

Maeda Yuuka-chan
Since she has a characteristic voice, and it's high-pitched

Takahashi Ai-san
I would like to try it once since it doesn't falter however she dances and her singing voice is very pretty.

Since not just her voice, but her overall impression is cute

Two votes for Ai-chan & Momo & Yuuka~! One vote for nakky~ I didn't know the word "burikko" can be used as positive~!!! Usually it has negative meaning~ So that's is why usually Berryz Koubou members use it to tease Momo~^^~!!!

* Burikko: Describing an adult woman who acts cute and girlish, usually to appeal to men or a person(girl) who pretend to be pretty and cute in order to seek attention from others(guys).

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