Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Berryz Koubou's Newest Single "Aa Yo ga Akeru" Dance Shot

The dance shot of BK's newest single "Aa yo ga Akeru" has been released in their Official Youtube Channel.
I'm totally impressed with this shot.. I haven't seen Berryz to be this mature. Well, maybe because I just started liking them.. :)
I love how Miya looks in this one. She's a very beautiful doll.. Also, Risako, she's been improving in dancing ever since. 
Well, you guys have to check out how Berryz shine in this one.. :)
Uploaded by: berryzchannel


  1. ano~ this is one the least i like of berryz. i dont like the dance too, and i dont like miiya here (i usually liked miiya's appearance).

    waiting for a single with captain leading..


  2. I miss so much old Berryz! This song and this choregraphy are both so normal,not very amazing you know...not at all...
    it doesn't suits their to act like mature girls,I also don't like Miya here x_x'

    I'm waiting for a REAL BK's song,a song which will reminds me of their debuts like "Maji Bomber!" you know...a song to prove that even they're 20-17 they always have their childsoul...