Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ogawa Saki's Graduation

Yesterday, Ogawa Saki officially graduated from S/mileage and Hello! Project after wrappping her last performance, and giving her final messages to the fans. The hall was lit up with a sea of green glowsticks, as the fans gave Saki a sentimental yet cheerful send off.

The members of S/mileage were clearly upset, but they did their best to maintain a smile, and Saki herself remained strong, proving herself to be the cheerful and bubbly character that she's always been fondly known as.

With that, S/mileage is now an 8 member group, following the departure of Saki. But the fans aren't about to forget her!

We proudly present to you, and in Saki's honour, the completed mosaic of the Sakichy Smile Campaign.

A total of 82 fans sent in their smiles, to mark their warm support for Saki! 82 is an impressive number of fans, when there was such a short time left until her graduation.

So to the great fans who smiled one more time for Saki, thank you very much for participating!

We hope that Saki will have a great future from now on.

A message from Admin Ran:

She's my most favorite S/mileage member.. and the one who brought me to S/mileage.. Her talent fascinates me.. and I think she's so awesome. She's one of my Top 5 favorite idols.. :)
After knowing that she'll be graduating, it really gave me a total shock that I never felt before. I never thought that it'll happen in a very short time.
Well, since it's for her studies and it's her decision.. I will totally support her. I'm going to miss her so much! Goodluck, and you'll always be in our hearts..


And a message from me on behalf of everyone else:

Sakichy Power forever!
I want Saki to enjoy her life as much as possible from now on, and as Airi says, eat lots of her favourite food. I'm sure Saki won't regret the long time she's been with S/mileage and the other eggs, because the love she has for everyone is so clear and natural to everyone.

Saki's like the sunshine; always full of energy and bright smiles. She brings a smile to everyone's faces, and she never stops being cheerful. I love her voice, and her talent in singing is amazing. Saki, you'll always be one of the best voices in H!P, even though you're so young!

But it's because you're still so young that you have to consider what you want to do in life, right? Whatever other reasons there may be, I believe you've made the right decision, and you'll do your best in whatever you do.

Thank you for all the memories and the smiles you've brought to us, so here's a smile for you too.


Saki will forever be a part of S/mileage!

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  1. Thank you for your hard work~!!! It looks great! I wish Sakitty the best in her future endeavors. Your fans will keep love and support you no matter what so "GANBARE" Sakitty~! ~Admin Min~