Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gon was there~!!!

While I was just looking around for any new news or update for H!P related information, I found something interesting~! It was Gon! Gon is Chissa's teddy dog~^^~ What's so intersting about Gon~!? Actually, Gon itself is not really intersting or anything except that it's Chissa's teddy dog(I'm actually jealous about that part~ Haha..)! Anyway back to the main story, the intersting is Gon was there!!! Whta's it means? Gon was at Chissa's odotte mita series and her two solo lives and even in the Chissa's revised version of 2nd sole live DVD~! Please enjoy the photos and other stuffs below~^^~

Chissa's 1st solo live concert~!

Chissa's 2nd solo live concert~!

odotte mita series~!

Gon appeared in the credits of Chissa's 2nd solo live concert!

Gon also appeared on the Chissa's revised version DVD of 2nd solo live concert!

In the last Okai Chan Neru´s video, Momo and Chissa talked about Gon!


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  1. Gon is awesome xD Just like that odotte mita´s outfit, Gon is already part of Chissa´s way xD

    Thanks for GIFs, i love them ! ^^