Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nakajima Saki "W Saki" Photo Previews!

Nakajima Saki's 2nd PB has been released yesterday, July 15, 2011, and found some awesome previews to share with you guys.
The theme of the PB is white Nakky and black Nakky, more likely an angel Nakky and a devil Nakky.. :P
It's been a while since Nakky got her first PB, and this time, it's a very unique one. The photos are more sexier and more likely to be defined as more beautiful than cute(the last one was a very lively cute one). 
View the previews below. :D

This is the very first preview we got few weeks ago.
Most previews are the ones where Nakky wear different kinds of bikinis. Glad to see some photos as her natural self..
This is a very beautiful shot. A plain white bikini has never been so attracted to me, but for Nakky, it'll be yes.
Nakky has a wonderful body figure, right?
This is one of the sexiest NAkky photos
Something's so fresh about this photo.. Her expression is so amazing.
A black cat Nakky. 
One natural shot again! :D
Is it a swimsuit?
Now! Here's the angel Nakky!
Love this one..
NAkky seems to be sitting on a cloud.. :P Love the purple shoes!
She somewhat resembles with Koharu.. nee??
This one is so K-popish.. She looks so Korean. I mostly seen this style in most Koreans..
 She looks more older in this photo.. Like 20-ish? 

So those are some previews I found.. Some shocked me a little, like the Kpopish style, and the 20-ish style. But it's a good thing that the theme has some new explosives that makes the PB more attractive. No more words can define this very unique photobook but beautiful and sexy.
:) To those who haven't got their copies, get it now!
You can buy them online in the following shops:
Credits to:
Hello!Online for the photo previews

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