Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet the 2nd New Author!

Just as what I said in the previous entry, the other author will be soonly introduced. So, here it is!
This time, it's a GUY! XD
He can speak, translate, and understand Korean language. :)
and for me, he's really motivated to do his responsibilities as an author and admin.
He is Min. :D
He's not really used in blogging as much as the other new author do, but he's willing to learn everything.
I also asked him to write something about himself.. Here it is.. :D
Hello everyone~! This is Min, I am 24 years old. And I am the new administrator of the Hello! Project fanpage on Facebook and blogger for Chuu! Sugoi! Idol blog!
And like I said before on my Requirements for being an Administrator, I just love Hello! Project~! I love their style of music and the each members.
And also, like Miu-san who became admin. right before me, from now on I'll be helping out with updates related to Hello! Project.
Even though I don't know a thing about Blog and still learning about Facebook's functions, I will try my best to upload or updates news about Hello! Project."
Please welcome our two brand new authors Miu and Min.
Hope You guys will enjoy being part of the CCS team.

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