Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Gomenasai" is Buono's FIRST MOVIE!

Wow! After the recent announcement of an all-star C-ute and BK movie comes ANOTHER MOVIE and this time it will star Hello Project unit Buono!

Good news is that THIS is Buono's first movie as a group! So congratulations to them! on the other hand, this will be another HORROR movie! Well, I seriously don't get what's up with HP and the whole horror stuffs but what's important right now is that we get to see Buono star on a movie, *yes! another movie with Airi* >w<. It was also reported that they will be in charge of the movie's theme song!

The title of the movie is "Gomenasai" and it is adapted from a popular mobile horror story. Buono members; Suzuki Airi (C-ute), Tsugunaga Momoko (Berryz Kobou) and Natsuyaki Miyabi (Berryz kobou) will play as high school students who were dragged in a series of paranormal experiences.

Buono shares their thoughts for their breakthrough as an actress “We are astonished to think that all three of us would ever be featured in a movie.” They added, “We believe that the audience would be surprised at the last scenes of this work,”. Based on their statement the ending must be really something, so I'll be expecting some really big twists on the movie.

So, what do you think? Are you excited?


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  1. sugoi..!!!! miyabi-chan is so frightening.. >.<" airi is so cool and.. momoko is awesome.. we really like it.!!!♥♥♥ *thumbs up*