Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Berryz Kobou @ Hey!Hey!Hey!

Recently, Captain Shimizu Saki revealed on her blog that Berryz Kobou will be performing at one of Japan's most viewed music program, Hey!Hey!Hey!

Shimizu quoted "The truth is...we will be appearing on Hey!Hey!Hey! The broadcast airing date is july 4th but we recorded it yesterday. The last time we were on the show was back when we debuted, so I'm really excited! everyone, make sure to look forward to it!"

This is good news for BK and HP as well. Wether we admit it or not, BK has not been doing well with their sales in Ai no Dangan although it was able to make it on the Top 10 @ the Oricon charts. HP groups getting more promotions is debatable and BK having their second chance to perform @ Hey!Hey!Hey! is surely a good thing and could help them with their promotions. So don't miss it!

Hope to see more HP groups performing at popular music programs as often as possible =)

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