Monday, June 20, 2011

Another 3 New Girls Has Been Added to Hello!Project Eggs!

Another 3 new girls has been added to the H!P eggs!
They were Ogawa Rena, and Otsuka Aina along with Mogi Minami who were the MM 9th Gen finalists.
It's also been announced that these girls will be one of the performers for the next egg event.
This was revealed in the official confirmation of their September event now titled Hello! Pro Egg 2011 Happyou Kai ~September no Nama Tamago Show!~.
I never expect that Aina and Mogi will be part of the Hello!Pro Eggs. It's most likely a surprise for me. But I think Tsunku has plans for the new eggs. 
Left: Otsuka Aina Right: Mogi Minami
Ogawa Rena has still no photo available to share, but I'll keep in touch to update.
So far, there are 14 eggs including the added 3 few days ago.
Here's a list of all of them:
  1. Kaneko Rie
  2. Takeuchi Akari
  3. Miyamoto Karin
  4. Katsuta Rina
  5. Takagi Sayuki
  6. Tanabe Nanami
  7. Nagazawa Wakana
  8. Kudou Haruka
  9. Yoshihashi Kurumi
  10. Hamaura Ayano
  11. Taguchi Natsumi
  12. Otsuka Aina
  13. Mogi Minami
  14. Ogawa Rena
      • credits to Adode136 for the list
I'm excited to see these 6 new members perform, so to those who planned to attend to the next Egg event, don't missed it!

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