Sunday, January 2, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Generation Members

The 9th generation members of Morning Musume have been revealed. They are:
Fukumura Mizuki (14)
Ikuta Erina (13)
Suzuki Kanon (12)
Sayashi Riho (12)

The results seems to be expected, except about adding an egg member which sounds even great. I'm glad that   they're the ones who are selected, especially Riho, since she's the one that I noticed as one of the most talented of the 5 finalists, and totally catch the attention of the fans quickly. As for Erina and Kanon, I'm glad that they're the ones since they have this talent that catches everyone's attention too. Adding an egg seems to be a little bit surprising since they're not featured in the Bijo Gaku audition special videos, especially the ones where the finalists had a record and a choreography dance for the final. Anyway, maybe they had their special audition since they already had an experience and been part of the H!P performances.

I'm not really familiar about Mizuki, all I know about her is she has been part of the Shugo Chara Egg. I can see in her that she'll help MM be more successful along with the other 9th gen members. I'm going to go find out about her more, who knows, maybe she'll be part of my Top Favorite Idol list. 

I just found two photos where the 9th gen members have been revealed. It was from the H!P winter concert tour today, January 2, 2011.
 As we can see, the four girls stood up front of the H!P stage along with Ai-chan and Gaki. Mizuki seems to be surprised(as what I can see). The three girls seems to be developing each other as friends, they seems to be so close.
Anyway, congratulations to the four new girls, hopefully they'll brighten our hearts up. We may expect that they'll perform someday soon, or maybe they'll be part for the Momusu next single already. That's possible, since the next single has not yet been announced. Their official profile pictures(in the H!P page) may be or possibly be revealed this next few days. I'll keep myself in touch and update it to you sooner.

Congratulations to Mizuki, Erina, Kanon and Riho


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