Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Morning Musume "Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game covers

The covers of Morning Musume's 44th single has been released a while ago, and it really amazed me so much as I first take a look at it. It has a regular version, limited A, limited B, Limited C, and Single V.
 This one is the Regular version. It seems that the members are posing in the colored bars, which made me think in a technical way when I first saw it. The bars may not match at their outfits' colors, it makes the cover look great since it makes it more colorful. I really like everyone's pose here, especially Aika, Junjun, and Gaki.
 Next stop is the Limited A cover. Everyone has the same facial expression as well as the colored bars. But this time, it is the close up ones. I wonder if these are one of the background for the PV. I can't wait. Anyway, totally love Linlin's pose.
 Next stop is the Limited B. This time is different, it has a colorful striped background, which matches the outfits. It seems that the members are sitting in a white cubed chair, except Risa, Aika, and Sayu who is standing but posed greatly.I somewhat noticed that the three graduating members are in the top center, which is somewhat great.
Next stop is the Limited C. In this cover, everyone posed so cutely while standing especially Reina, Eri, Gaki, and Junjun. Ai-chan and Sayu seems to be staying at the same facial expression.
Last but not the least, the Single V cover. The picture looks a little bit blur if I made it bigger, so I'll just make it smaller. Sorry about that. Anyway, this is the most unique cover among the 5 covers released. Since it features the background as black with splashing paint effects. Even if the cover looks dark, it makes it more colorful with those paint splashed. I totally admit that this is my most favorite cover among the rest. Everyone is smiling(except sayu and aika as how I noticed), while looking at the camera. 

The main thing that really makes the covers the same or common to each other is the title part, if you noticed. I love how every cover looks since it give us a chance to make an imaginary vision for the upcoming PV. maybe it'll be a theme of black with colorful colors added. Maybe.. Maybe.. Maybe.. Well! let's just wait. The PV maybe released a week or two before the releasing day. It'll be release this coming November 24, so few more weeks to wait..

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