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Niigaki Risa’s “Hello!Project member that I like~”

So, I was surfing in the Hello!Online a while ago, and found this translation by a fan who posted it there. Since it was Gaki-sans Q&A about The H!P member that I like~, I want to share it to you guys. I just found Hello!Online very useful since there are translations, latest pictures of them, opinions of the fans, and many more without getting bothered by Japanese characters sicne Im not really good at it.

Anyway, heres the translation.

1. If you could create your own unit, which other members would be in it and what would be the unit name?
Kamei Eri, Kumai Yurina, Wada Ayaka Dekobokobokesshu
The heights of the four of us has the dekoboko feel to it, with Kame (boke) and Wada-chan (big boke) combi, and Kumai-chan and myself as the tsukkomi combi (shu is the sound effect from the sharpness of our tsukkomi), were a strong unit with contrast (laugh). Please take note of the consonance (dissonance!?) in the music that the four different members will play for you.
[dekoboko =
凸凹 = uneven]

2.1 Singing and voice you admire?
When we go for karaoke together, Linlin is really cool when she sings the songs with English lyrics in them. It makes people think that shes a foreign artiste. I cant forget the adult-like voice when she sings.

2.2 Dancing you admire?
Suzuki Airi
I like Airi-chans dancing. Its not too intense and its not too exaggerated, it has a good feeling to it and people feel comfortable when watching her dance. During rehearsals, I will always watch the dancing of Airi-chan that caught my attention.

2.3 Talking skill you admire?
Wada Ayaka
Which country is this person from!? or maybe, which planet did this person come from!? is what she makes people think with her crazier-than-crazy remarks. Even her blog is full of mystery. I really respect her ideas and imagination that even I am unable to have.

2.4 Character you admire?
Fukuda Kanon
I thought that she is the most serious in S/mileage, but she often says Im the reincarnation of Cinderella and other kinds of strange things that I dont understand. That is not possible she says, but in the end it manages to attract her interest (laugh)

2.5 Looks you admire?
Wada Ayaka
I usually talk with the members about how The kids born in the Heisei Era have totally different leg length from us. This girls legs are really long, and from her face it seems like shell become a beauty when she grows older. Though shes still like a little animal now (laugh)

2.6 Fashion sense you admire?
Tokunaga Chinami
Toku-chan and I like the same characters, and well usually ask each other Whered you buy this? if we see each other wearing clothes with the characters we like. Since we have similar taste in clothes, it makes me take notice of her.

3. Im the only one that knows ___[The person's name]___ looks like this, but is actually _____”…
Mitsui Aika
Aika-chan is always cool and calm, she will just smile to herself and give off a very cool adult-like feeling and image in any situation. Sometimes at certain places, shell suddenly say some words that are really sharp [the tsukkomi kind]. If you separate the Morning Musume members into the boke type and the tsukkomi type, there are more girls that are boke. And shes a rare one that gives really good tsukkomis to the boke members.

4. The person you want as your elder sister?
Okai Chisato
Even though she is actually younger than me by a lot, Okai-chan somehow has a good oldie feeling and a Showa fragrance to her. Like the Showa kind of warmth that she is giving out. Im a person just barely born in the Showa Era [she was born on the last year], and I really welcome [want to have] an older sister. Ill be healed by her smile every day, and I think shes a very precious girl that has an aura that somehow signifies that she wants to listen to all your troubles.

5. The person you want as your younger sister?
Tokunaga Chinami
We usually have conversations, and we usually send each other mails. I think the way she calls out Niigaki-san, Niigaki-san while walking up to where I am is really cute! I think having this kind of younger sister is great. Even as I look at her when shes dancing, it seems like shes really shining because shes smiling so much. With Toku-chan around, even the air starts shining!

6. It would be great if this person was my mother
Even though Im a gokki member and Junjuns a hachiki member, and were definitely senpai and kouhai, she makes me forget about that because of her care and concern for others (laugh). Are we allowed to eat this? Then Ill bring it over for you and Ill open this bag for you is what she usually says. Even if were of different nationalities, she makes one think that shes a homemaker from somewhere in Japan.

7. If this person was a pet I want to take care of her And what animal would she be?
Wada Ayaka
Even though Wada-chan and I are together in the unit ZYX-α, if there is a pet called Da-wa-, I definitely want to take care of it. If its Wada-chan, it feels like shell still go around yapping even if she becomes a pet (laugh). If I take her out and she makes these guu guu sounds, it will make me not want to go to work anymore. Its so irresistable! (laugh)

8. You form a comedy duo with this other person who is a must to have in your group. Who is this person?
Kamei Eri
Since we usually act as the Gakikame comedy duo, I have decided that my partner will be Kamei Eri. Also, since Gakikame has also been established in everyones mind, I think the probability of us forming this comedy duo is very high if we brush up on our boke and tsukkomi act. Please look out for it (laugh)

9. The person you want as your girlfriend if you were a male?
Nakajima Saki
If I have a girlfriend shell definitely be Nakki. Even though Nakki and I only became really good friends during the play we did together, shes a really reliable and honest girl, and she has the best personality of all. She has really cute, sparkling eyes, as long as youre a boy, no matter who you are, I think you will definitely dream of taking her out for a walk. The kind of pure aura she has around her makes people feel like their souls have been cleaned.

10. The person you want as your boyfriend if she were a male?
Yajima Maimi
If Maimi-chan were my boyfriend, it feels like the soft aura she gives off without saying anything will gently wrap around me. Doesnt it seem like even if I say really selfish things, and request her to do the impossible, shell still say Alright, I understand, Risa
? [I melted] (laugh). Even though this is all my imagination, I still think Maimi-chans charm is amazing.

It seems that she really like Wada Ayaka, she mentioned her for like four times, I think. The comedy duo is a great choice, Kamei Eri it is. I really found her very funny when I watch the Nanchatte Renai the making; she answered a quiz about the next delicious food aside of mushrooms, and answered Eri-nge, the other type of mushrooms(she used her name Eri and added nge), and the other one was when she acted like a villain and tried to shot Ai-chan (but some fans mentioned that she seems drunk that time), she acted weirdly strange s just because of her sense of humor, maybe>. Gaki and Eris humor combination will be great for this one.

I somewhat not really surprised for Gaki to admire Airis dance. Since shes really flexible and comfortable to watch while shes dancing. Linlins voice is really the best, no wonder Gaki admires her much. I just dont understand why she really dont have much solo lines in any singles, she may have in album songs or B-side songs. Her voice is just so powerful.

Nakki for being her girlfriend if shes a male is a very good choice. Her shining personality, and her cuteness makes her the best. Gakis choice for her boyfriend if shes a boy, Maimi, is a good choice too. Maimi plays a role as a man/boy during of some stage plays, and shes really good at it. Her personality for being so caring will make everyone melt.

(Well, speaking of stage plays, I just watched a clip of Maimi fighting with a sword)

Im really glad to read Gakis Q&A, shes really great and amazing. She's making me love her more and more. But I noticed she never mentioned her admirations for her best friend Ai Takahashi. Anyway, her image is the best, I just started to like her new hairstyle. Hopefully, I'll read more of her interviews and magazines.

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