Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tsugunaga Momoko Scandal?

Could it be that Momo is involved in a scandal?

So a friend sent me a photo, asking me whether I think the girl on the photo is Momo or not. Well, first Yes, she is that girl in the SOLO shots but second, NO, I do not think that is her in the purikura shots. It could just be someone who looked like her since we only get to see the side view. Anyways, this looks like an old photo to me.

So I don't think this is Momo and I refuse to believe this is her!


  1. this is 6 year old

  2. yeah this is really old and I think it´s her... lol

  3. momo or not i think it's cuteee xD

  4. This picture is pretty the way, as a MomoWota I can tell you this is NOT her ! And, as Hello!Project fans we all know that some japanese girls can seems similar (like Aibon and Nono). If this was her,she wouldn't be in Hello!Project anymore.