Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wait did The Manterou Show actually had a PV with Gaki in it?

Here's a video that gives us a glimpse of Hello! Project's Pachinko Machine, it features Tsunku, graduated morning musume members, former H!P soloist like Matsuura Aya. It shows some H!P MVs over the past years...but wait till you see Gaki pop out of nowhere in The Manterou Show part....

So here's the full length video. I actually like the first part of the vid, I hope they actually do these kind of stuffs in PVs, the part where the they are looking badass and firing chandeliers falling! Does H!P think current Momusu still too young to handle guns and actions? Well, maybe they are....

But back on track, this isn't the interesting part of the vid......What's interesting is that there's The Manterou Show clip, with Gaki in it! and actually singing for that matter, however, the 9th and 10th gen aren't featured here, only Reina and Sayu..So what's this?????? I think I just got mind blown! Did they actually make a PV for it but then decided not to release it on public? Please tell me there's a full version available somewhere. I demand a remake of the 50th Single to give justice to the so-called DOUBLE A-side single ...


  1. I have to admit when I saw this yesterday it melted my head. It's a H!P conspiracy!!

  2. Maybe Gaki didn't leave the permiss to release it completely? She isn't an H!P member now...

  3. I think it may be special for this. Or they could have very easily made it before she graduated.

    Also, yes, this entire concept is WAY too mature for Gen9/10. And they aren't as popular as everyone else featured in this. Or have as old of fans who will spends shittons of money on this.

  4. Narrator said some of the music videos were taken just for this Pachinko slot. ;)