Sunday, September 9, 2012

JE and H!P Together in New Drama "Piece"

The official website of NTV's new drama "piece" was opened! It's a drama adaptation of the manga "Piece" by Ashihara Hinako! And I'm glad to see that C-ute's Suzuki Airi will take part on this one with NYC's Nakayama Yuma and Johnny's Jr. Matsumura Hokuto!!!
The drama stars Yuma as the lead role, he will be playing a cool college student who has to face his shadowy past after meeting a classmate from his high school days, with whom he has been going out at the time.The story is a mixture of romance and mystery.

Airi will be playing the role of  Setouchi Madoka, the "Madonna" of the school. (And honestly, I don't know what that means) hahaha! I tried to search the net for her character but I couldn't find anything cause when I try to search "Piece manga" they One Piece pops out everywhere.......

I haven't really read the manga, but I guess this will be interesting and this could give Airi more exposure in the world of acting. The thought of JE and H!P working together just makes me happy ^_^ (HSJ and H!P Kids collab next please!) What I'm worried right now with the possibility of this collaboration is for haters to bash on Airi mostly by JE fangirls. I'm a JE fangirl too and I've been through that hate-and-bash-other-idols-near-JE-Boys but TRUST ME, I'm so over it, but I'm not sure if other avid JE lovers are mature enough to get it over with too. Though I guess, there's only a minimal possibility of that to happen since Airi wouldn't be the one playing the ex-girlfriend role here..LOL... So best of luck to the casts, especially to AIRI!!!!

Piece Official Site


  1. 'Madonna' means no.1 girl in that school...admirable + popular + beautiful...if this news is true, airi got great character...

  2. her character was only mentioned once in the first 3 chapters of the manga (and every chapter is about 65 pages!), they implied that she is the cutest among the sophomore students in their school (she's a year younger than the main characters, I think?)

  3. If you want to read the manga, here's a link to it ^_^

  4. So exited I has hoping that Airi would do something with JE since I am a fan of both H!P and JE I am exited.

  5. "Madonna" is like the Queen Bee, it's a term Japanese use to describe a really good-looking, very popular girl.

  6. I heard Airi's role is interesting cause she's gonna be the girlfriend of yasui kentaro and she will have a stalker(Nozawa Yuki) in the story