Tuesday, March 13, 2012

“Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku” PV!!!

C-ute's 18th single PV has been uploaded to their official channel!
I was just strolling in my FB using my phone until I saw an H!P post by a co-admin in Hello!Project page that the PV is now available to watch. I felt so excited that I even transferred to my PC just to watch the PV that fans commented as 'TOUCHING'.
It really is touching, though I'm a little bit disappointed to see that only Airi has a drama role or something in the PV. But I'm very happy to see a C-ute's PV that has a storyline in it that I wished for ages. After seeing the PV of Mano that was released few days ago which has a 'guy' in it who acts as the lover, and C-ute has one now too, I can say that this one is the most impressive so far, and the effects in the dance shot and the close up is just so impressive. I never thought that Tsunku will have a 'GUY' in an H!P PV to act as a lover which surprised me and I'm just so glad that he thought of this idea for a new change.
Another round of applause for C-ute's amazing PV and a touching song!
Let's support and buy their single and possibly make it as their most-best selling single!!
This will be released this coming April 18!

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  1. I loved this release, but I hated how the dance shot was in a white screen rather than the scenery.