Saturday, March 10, 2012

Berryz Kobou- Be Genki (Naseba Naru!)

Be Genki! (my nickname for this single) is Berryz new single, and it's the first one in a while that wasn't based on the group's ability to sing low belt tones :D

Initial reaction: I LOVE the song but I felt the PV disappointed me. Based on the covers I was expecting some cheesy special effects, some cutesy action scene, but I felt it didn't match the song at all (except for the scene with the girls running around holding eachothers' capes, and the AMAZING dance shot!)

Costumes: CUTE! I loved them. Each girl looked really good in it, no complaints on the costumes at all. if there WAS one aesthetic complaint in the PV though, it's that the way they did Risako's hair did not compliment her. She's still drop dead gorgeous, just that it didn't suit her well.

Song: I find myself remembering the chorus and yelling along with the "nai nai! nai nai! Arienai!" part. it's fun and upbeat and it's great to hear the girls doing the "Genki" thing when I feel like they've been running more with the sexy theme.

Set: Most of the set was too dark and serious for this song. The only things that really fit were the area of the dance shot, and the one spit scene where Yurina is singing from a rooftop (or something high up)

Final statement: I feel like i ragged on the PV alot, but in reality I did like it. It could've been done better but I've seen far worse PV's! I'm happy with it, and I LOVE this song as it REALLY has grown on me!

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