Friday, January 13, 2012

S/mileage- Chotto Matte Kudasai!

Chotto Matte Kudasai~! The latest single with S/mileage's current line up, and I hope it stays this way for a while!

  • Initial Reaction:

I LOVE IT! :D everyone sounds and looks great! It's so cute!!!!

  • Costumes:
While I can see how everyone's been saying "It's Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game!" I have to disagree. While they are similar in the fact that they are plain colorful dresses, they are cut in different ways. S/mileage's dresses are flowing and a bit poofy, meanwhile the Morning Musume dresses were straight and didn't look like they allowed for as much free movement. However, each girl was absolutely stunning in them! I particularly liked how Meimei looked here, I think most of it is that she work her bangs down, which wasn't really a look I'd seen from her yes, she's so cute~! They really all are!!!

  • Song:
It's so catchy~~!!! It's a fun beat that you always love about S/mileage. Every member got at least 1 line, and each member sounded perfect! As opposed to MM where you can somewhat tell who is a newbie and whose experienced, you didn't get that vibe. S/mileage was really together on this. Akari, Meimei and Kanon got to show off their high notes as well~!! :) it was really cute.

  • Set:

The set was a mix between Morning Musume's "Mr. Moonlight~Ai no Big Band~" and Momoiro Clover's "Mirai Bowl." It featured a cartoonish backdrop of a city. There was a dance shot, a group shot, single shots, a shot of the girls getting stuck to the backdrop and sliding down, and finally one where there was glass placed in front of them so they could draw on it. Very CUTE~~

  • Current S/mileage Lineup:

I love every single member of S/mileage, and I hope their lineup doesn't change for at least another 2 years (members can join, but no more graduations~!!!). They each have distinct, warm, inviting personalities. What I especially like in this PV is near the end of the first chorus when they're singing "Chotto Matte Kudasai" When Kana "messes up" (it looks planned) and joins in with the other members. It's a nice little touch that shows the relationships within the group~!!!! I think each girl sounds and looks GREAT in it :)

  • Final Statement:
I just love this XD I really can't think of anything else to say about how adorable and engaging this PV is

Until next time, please enjoy S/mileage's "Chotto Matte Kudasai"~~!!!!!!



  1. Somehow, I don't agree with some of ur opinion which little bit offensive to Morning Musume.
    First, you must saw once again MM when they perform Onna to Otoko Lullaby Game (both of in MV or Live) all of them can move freely
    please take a look in this video and compare that with S/mileage MV (especially there dance movement please)

    Second, you said
    "It's so catchy~~!!! It's a fun beat that you always love about S/mileage. Every member got at least 1 line, and each member sounded perfect! As opposed to MM where you can somewhat tell who is a newbie and whose experienced, you didn't get that vibe. S/mileage was really together on this"
    It is maybe true in MM you can easily know which one is a newbie and whose experienced. But isn't it normal? Oh please .Gaki joint in 2001, Reina & Sayu joint 2003, Aika in 2006. The 9th & 10th gen joint in 2011 (9th in Spring & 10th in Autumn). Logicaly if Gaki, Reina & Sayu , Aika have a lot of difference with them. If they are not how come, remember MM already made since 1997 (Gaki 2001) and now 2012 which mean Gaki already 11 years in MM. So it is natural I think. In other side S/mileage. I know some of them before forming into S/mileage, they are Pro!Egg but remember they form S/mileage in 2009 so it is obvious the submembers(who nowadays are official members since 2011) don't have a big gap. yeah it is only have 2 years difference them. So it is easy to understand right?

  2. ^ It's probably because of the fact that all the S/mileage members are around the same age (12 - 17), where as in Morning Musume, there's a 11 year gap between the youngest (Haruka, 11th gen) and the oldest (Niigaki, 5th gen).

    With the exception of Meimi and Kana, all of the S/mileage members had been H!P Eggs and joined H!P around the same time. So even though Wada, Maeda, Fukuda, and Ogawa debuted first, Akari and Rina still had the same amount of experience and training as the first generation members did, so they're not exactly "newbies". Only two of the new members, Meimi and Kana, lack years of training and experience. S/mileage DOES do a better job, in terms of transitioning the new members into the new group, but that's because so many factors that come into play. There isn't much of an age gap between the members, half of the 2nd gen. members have already been formally trained, and the least experienced and vocally weakest member, Kana, only has one line in all of their singles so far. Obviously, they've done a good job at promoting their strongest members and hiding the weakest link.

    Out of the 8 new members in Morning Musume (9th & 10th gen), only two members were H!P Eggs (Fukumura and Kudo) and two more who had received formal training and experience elsewhere before joining the group (Riho and Ayumi). The rest (Ikuta, Suzuki, Iikubo, and Sato) ARE newbies and they CAN'T hide behind their senpai's like Kana can because the number of new members outnumber the older, experienced ones. The huge gap in experience is already noticeable enough, but their ages just make it even more noticeable. That's all.

    However, that said, I do agree that "Chotto Matte Kudasai!" is a wonderfully, catchy song. S/mileage is doing really well, even with the loss of their most popular member (Maeda) and the best vocalist (Ogawa). I have no worries that it'll sell just as well as "Please Miniskirt Postwoman!" :o)